Welcoming this year’s MiF Student Ambassadors

by Alex Petterson, Admissions Manager, MiF

Part of my role at London Business School is to manage the Student Ambassador programme. I thoroughly enjoy meeting students from all finance backgrounds and working with them to promote LBS and more specifically the Masters in Finance. Ambassadors are key contributors to the awareness of such a unique and diverse programme.

I generally select Ambassadors based on their commitment to the programme and how active they are going to be within the LBS community. They usually have prominent positions within the student clubs – from finance to football – they are active contributors. For example, one of our Student Ambassadors for the 2018 intake is leading on the Hong Kong Asset Management Trek on behalf of the China Club.

Our Ambassadors are currently doing the programme and will be able to provide you with valuable insight. Students often tailor the MiF programme to suit their career goals and by reaching out to an Ambassador with similar career goals, you can start to plan your journey from an early stage. For example, those of you who are potentially targeting Investing roles post-graduation should think very carefully about pursuing the extremely popular ‘Value Investing’ elective. Or if you are seeking a leadership position within the finance industry it could be prudent to pursue the CFO concentration. My point here is that the more research you do prior to studying at LBS the more beneficial it will be for your time on the programme and into your working lives.

When reviewing applications, I always assess candidates’ research into the programme and the wider schooling community. Candidates who reach out to Ambassadors and alumni generally have a greater understanding of the programme and the School. All student Ambassadors have been through our admissions process, they can inform you as to what to expect and hopefully give you some useful tips on how to submit your strongest application. They have been interviewed by one of our alumni and can share their own admission experience.

During my time at LBS I have established some fantastic working relationships and lifelong friends with Ambassadors, without them the programme would not be in such a strong position. They come from all over the world, have a diverse range of finance experience, and are more than happy to share their experiences – see for yourself.

If you do come to study at LBS I would advise you to apply for a Student Ambassador position. It’s a great way to expand your network, give back to the School and gain further exposure.


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