10 reasons I chose the Masters in Finance Part-time programme

By Batin Ozkurt, MiFPT 2023

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A little bit about me – I was born in Istanbul and lived there until I graduated from Saint Joseph French Highschool. Then I moved to Australia to study my undergrad at the University of Melbourne, which included an exchange year at Columbia University in New York. After a brief investment banking and a few years of research analyst experience, I moved to an investment role in the asset management industry. I learned so much by travelling and exposing myself to different cultures. The same logic led me to LBS and the MiF Part-time programme, and I tried to outline some of the reasons why I chose the programme.

1 – Network 

This is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons why most of us are doing this programme. A two-year programme will give you enough time to meet with people through classes or networking events. 

2 – Work experience

If you are already in the field and want to accelerate your career, this is the perfect option. You will be still getting your work exposure during the weekdays while going for the extra mile other times.

3 – Diversity

London is possibly the most diverse city in the world. LBS is even more diverse and truly represents the city. A variety of opinions and knowledge will feed your intellectual curiosity. 

4 – Financial

Maintaining a salary while learning new stuff and making friends is attractive. I enjoy the idea of making progress at work while completing a Master’s degree. 

5 – Excellent professors 

All of the faculty are exceptionally skilled. Academics are active in exchanging ideas with the business world on top of being engaged in research. For instance, AQR Asset Management Institute is one of the institutes LBS houses that supports research and idea generation within the asset management industry. In addition, the teaching method includes real-world problems such as case studies which I enjoy a lot.

6 – Guest Speakers 

Many elective classes are supported by guest speakers who are industry experts. It is a unique opportunity for the students. Also, Clubs organise events where you can also meet with experienced professionals. 

7 – You can use what you learn right away

The ability to apply things you discussed or learned at school to real work the next day is exciting. It’s easier to connect the dots regarding a topic or current event when you benefit from the diverse cohort. Different industry backgrounds bring distinct perspectives.  

8 – Flexibility

Elective classes come in many different formats. I prefer block week and evening classes for my electives. Another flexibility that the programme offers is the choice of electives. You can have a technical tilt by taking math-oriented subjects if you want to. I think the world is heading in a direction where technical skills, balanced with other subjects, will be valuable. The MiF offers this.

9 – Reputation 

Reputation is the result of the points above. Also, it is highly correlated with the success of the students. Therefore, there is a strong chance that having it on your resume will bring a positive response in the business world.

10 – Alumni 

It is easier to approach someone when you have something in common. There are many alumni in the City whom I can call in the future if I need them or vice versa.

The next application deadline for the MiF Part-time programme is Tuesday 17th May 2022. To find out more information on the programme please visit our website, or you can contact mif@london.edu

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