A Deep Dive into Private Equity: My Experience with the LBS PE/VC Club

By Sutita Jirabandansuk, MIFFT2024

If you’re considering a career in private equity or venture capital, the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club at London Business School might be the game-changer you need! The club is like a masterclass in everything PE and VC. It’s where you can really get to grips with the investment world, beyond what textbooks can teach you. Here is what the club offers and some of experiences I’ve had so far!

What is the PE/VC Club at LBS?

The PE/VC Club is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and reach of private equity and venture capital industries among its members. The club’s mission is to provide practical experience through a comprehensive suite of events, workshops, treks, competitions, and networking opportunities to bridge the gap between academic theories and the way things work in the real world, enabling members to interact with industry professionals and gain insights from their experiences. This prepares the members effectively for their future careers in these dynamic fields.

Why I chose to join the PE/VC Club

Having previously worked in a buy-side role for an energy company in Thailand, I wanted to pivot into private equity, especially with the growing focus on renewable energy there. I joined the PE/VC Club to deepen my understanding of investment strategies and market dynamics. I also participated in a seven-day PE workshop organized by the school, which included a competition with fellow participants. This experience was valuable; it featured a financial modeling class where we were challenged to build a model within an hour which is a common task in private equity interviews. Additionally, we had the opportunity to connect with alumni working in the field, gaining insights and advice for the case competition. The workshop culminated in a final presentation where we received constructive feedback. This experience has been invaluable, significantly preparing me for real-world challenges. Finally, it has been incredibly rewarding to network with leading experts and like-minded peers, all committed to pushing the boundaries and challenging one another.

The Clubs’s impact on my career aspirations

The insights and skills I have gained through my active involvement in the club have been vital in complementing my academic pursuits. Interacting with industry leaders during activities and events has offered me a realistic perspective on what to expect in the field. Additionally, the practical training sessions have greatly improved my analytical skills. The club has not only enriched my educational experience but has also firmly established my career trajectory in private equity and venture capital.


This club offers a comprehensive understanding of the industry, enhanced by firsthand experiences with prominent professionals and collaboration with a network of highly motivated peers. My own involvement in the club has been an essential part of my professional and personal development, equipping me with the skills and insights needed to effectively navigate the private equity and venture capital world. The club not only provides practical training and invaluable networking opportunities but also fosters a strong sense of community and shared ambition. It goes beyond being just an extracurricular activity. It is a pivotal step toward securing a successful career in these competitive fields!

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