Accommodation: Advice for finding the perfect place in the heart of London

When you picture your year ahead in London, what do you see? What kind of place do you live in? Do you live alone? Do you have a long commute to campus? How long is a “long commute” for you?

I vividly remember asking myself these same questions when I received my admission letter for LBS. For me, I knew that living alone wasn’t for me. I wanted to immerse myself in the LBS community, make new friends, and truly experience all that London has to offer. Of course, everyone has their own preferences, and what suits you best ultimately depends on your personality and priorities.

Finding Flatmates:

If you decide to live with flatmates, LBS is exceptionally helpful when it comes to finding compatible roommates among your fellow students. They provide a helpful online platform called MeetLBS, where you can connect with other admitted students. Here, there was a spreadsheet where students could write short bios, outlining their preferences and logistics such as desired move-in dates and distance from campus. I found my flatmates through this platform, and they’ve become not just roommates but also lifelong friends.

If you prefer to live with people outside of the LBS community, London offers a plethora of resources to find shared accommodation. Websites like are an excellent starting point and have helped countless people secure their ideal living situation.

The Logistics of Finding a Flat:

In London’s competitive rental market, timing is key. To ensure you have the best selection of options, start your search 1-2 months before your desired move-in date. My flatmates and I searched on various websites including Rightmove, Zoopla, and SpareRoom. Remember to check back often as there will be new listings posted daily, and don’t hesitate to reach out to multiple landlords or tenants since not everyone is responsive.

When it comes to location, LBS’s central and popular position is undoubtedly an advantage. Being close to campus not only reduces your commute time but also allows you to explore the city more conveniently. However, you’ll find accommodation options in various neighbourhoods throughout London, each with its own unique charm.

Other Options:

There are many other living options in London that might be worth looking into, for example:

LBS Student Halls: You can apply for student halls through the University of London. These accommodations offer a vibrant mix of students from different universities, providing a unique opportunity to meet people from various academic backgrounds. However, places for LBS students are limited, so I suggest applying early!

Private Student Accommodation: London has a range of private student accommodations across London that are all-inclusive, offering amenities like concierge services and security. Exploring these options can be a convenient choice for people who may not want to deal with setting up bills, Wi-Fi, and maintenance.

Co-Living Spaces: When considering where to live, I was also looking into co-living spaces like Gravity Co-Living, where you can live and socialize with other professionals. These spaces can be great for networking and building connections outside of LBS. However, personally these were a bit far from campus.

There are countless living options in London depending on what your needs and preferences are. Best of luck!

Written By Elena Fan Hu, MiM 2024

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