Chasing Sunsets: Unveiling the Magic of LBS Sundowners

Every couple of weeks, on a Thursday evening at London Business School, there’s a special gathering event called ‘Sundowners.’ All members of the LBS community from all programs gather around Nash and Front Lawn with food, drinks, and some really great chats.

The whole point of Sundowners is simple: it’s about connecting. You’ll see students from all different programs hanging out. Sometimes, there’s a long queue to get in, but honestly, that’s part of the fun. You end up chatting with people you might not have met otherwise. It’s an informal setting but with a purpose: to network, connect, and share experiences in a way that formal settings might not allow.

The atmosphere is a perfect balance of relaxed and energized. You feel the atmosphere of a global community, with students from every conceivable background mingling and sharing insights. From future financial experts to consultants, and emerging business leaders, the crowd shows the global reach and inclusivity of LBS.

You’re sipping on a drink, grabbing a bite, and just talking to people from every corner of LBS. One minute you’re chatting with someone who’s just starting their MBA; the next, you’re deep in conversation with a Graduate Masters student.

Networking here feels natural. It’s not about swapping contact details; it’s more about just getting to know people. I’ve stumbled into some pretty interesting conversations and ideas. I must thank the Student Association for organizing events like Sundowners. Their work ensures that everyone feels welcome and facilitates an environment where conversations flow as freely as the complimentary drinks and food.

One of the best ones I remember was the Halloween Sundowners. Students showed up in costumes, which was hilarious and made the whole thing even more fun. The mix of costumes added a playful dimension to the event, and I could feel the creative and fun-loving spirit of the LBS community.

Sundowners at LBS isn’t just another event on the calendar. It’s a cool mix of networking, relaxing, and just enjoying our time at LBS. It’s where you can make some real connections and have a great time doing it. Plus, who can say no to free food and drink?

Written by Minji Song

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