How to decide if the MiF is right for you

by Lucky Singh, MiF Recruitment Manager

Making the decision to study any Masters programme is a big decision; it’s a large investment of time and money and has the potential to change and accelerate the course of your career. Doing as much research as possible is important. From our experience of guiding applicants through this decision, aside from having a discussion with us, we’ve found there are two incredibly useful opportunities we offer prospective applicants: attending a class visit and getting in touch with our Student Ambassadors.

Attend a class visit

What better way to make the decision than to witness the programme first-hand by attending one of our class visits?

We offer class visits to prospective students once we have seen their CV and assessed that they could be suitable for the programme.

Taking place on a Saturday morning or afternoon, you’ll get the chance to sit in with our part-time MiF class, attending lectures on the Corporate Finance or Investments core course. This is a great opportunity to experience the quality of our world-class finance faculty, interact with current MiF students, and experience what it’s like being in the MiF classroom.

You will also have lunch with the current MiF class which includes our Student Ambassadors, all of whom are there to answer your questions about the programme and student experience.

If you have not already, please send us your CV, and if we think you would be a suitable for the programme we will invite you to attend a class visit.

Speak to a Student Ambassador

If you’re unable to visit London, a great way to learn more about the programme is getting in touch with our Student Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are current full-time and part-time MiF students who have volunteered to help prospective students learn more about the programme and ultimately decide if the MiF is the right programme for them.

Our Student Ambassadors come from all over the world. This means you can speak to a student who has the same nationality as you, and who can share what it was like to move to London from your country and study at LBS. Our Student Ambassadors come from different areas of finance, so you can connect with a student who has a similar professional background as you, for example, in Private Equity, Asset Management or Investment Banking.

I recommend prospective students to try to speak to at least two Student Ambassadors. When connecting with them over email, send them your CV, introduce yourself and outline why you are thinking of studying the MiF and ask if you can setup a call when it’s convenient for them. Do take a look at their LinkedIn profile before the call as well to learn more about them and what they were doing before the MiF. This is a good opportunity to ask them some general questions about the application process, how they found their interview and their experience of the MiF so far. Do be sure to ask them about the student clubs and societies they’ve joined, as this is one of the most interesting and rewarding areas of student life at LBS.

Get in touch with our Student Ambassadors today.


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