Demystifying the Executive MBA Application

by Zenab Matloob, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Executive MBA

Before starting your application, here is some useful information about the Executive MBA (EMBA) application process and what our Admissions Committee look for whilst assessing the individual parts.


Your CV is the starting point for assessing your eligibility for the programme. By reading your CV we are able to quickly establish key information pertaining to your background, academics, and work experience, along with any hobbies that you may have.

Essay Questions

All applications for London Business School programmes contain two essay questions specific to the programme for which you are applying. The essay questions help us to better get to know our applicants on a personal level, taking into consideration your outlook on the programme, your level of self-awareness and your collaborative skills.


All applications require two references and we always advise applicants to ensure that one of their chosen referees is a current line manager. Your line manager is someone you work with on a daily basis, so they are deemed best to provide a fair reference. Furthermore it ensures the committee that your company is informed of your application to the programme.


Transcripts allow us to take note of any academic or professional qualifications that you hold, so that we can assess all of your academic abilities. Copies also confirm your level of achievement highlighted in your application.


The GMAT, EA and GRE allow us to assess your academic ability at the time of your submission. The tests are split into two key parts of Quants and Verbal. These skillsets are what you will need the most whilst completing the EMBA, therefore the score itself and the balance between all sections of the tests is what is key for us. There is a different score for the GMAT, GRE and EA that students are expected to achieve, you can discuss this further by getting in touch with our Recruitment Team.

Application Form

All of the above components are attached to the application form. It is important to remember when submitting your application that the Admissions Committee takes a ‘holistic approach’ when processing all applications. Therefore we assess every individual’s assets as a whole, before inviting them in for an interview. Similarly, we review both the application and the interview feedback before making a final decision.

I wish you the best of luck with your application.

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