Where are our Early Careers 2020 graduates now?

With the 2021 intake now closed, and our Recruitment & Admissions team preparing for the 2022 intake, we wanted to share some statistics to show you where a Masters programme at LBS could take you.

Masters in Management (MiM) & Global Masters in Management (GMiM)

The MiM is suitable for individuals with a diverse profile seeking to hone their management skills. For those seeking greater understanding of how businesses operate in the Asia region, our GMiM will provide you with the learning and confidence to embark on this path.

Within the combined MiM and GMiM 2020 class, 96% of our students accepted a job offer within 3 months of graduating. The students also achieved their aspirations of securing employment within their preferred sector: 44% within consulting; 30% in financial services; 12% in technology; and 14% within the diversified sectors. The jobs were global with 40% in the UK, 34% in Europe, 18% in Asia, 5% in Middle East and 3% in the Americas

Masters in Analytics & Management (MAM)

The MAM provides students with a strong management foundation combined with skills in data analytics. A MAM graduate will be able to communicate and translate technical information to management in a compelling manner, as well as make data-driven commercial and strategic decisions.

96% of the MAM students received an offer within four months of graduating. Once again, our students were successful in securing positions within their preferred sector: 40% joined consulting firms, 32% in technology, 20% in financial services and 8% within diversified sector. Location of the jobs ranged from Asia (36%) to UK (34%), to Europe (18%), Middle East (7%), North America (3%) and Africa (2%).

Our MAM graduates secured a variety of positions within Technology, ranging from Business Strategy Analyst to Data Scientist Manager. Companies are positioning data analytics at the centre of many roles, having a solid foundation within this area prepared our graduates well for them.

Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA)

The MFA is designed to give you the solid grounding in Financial tools, Financial Markets and Global Business understanding to take your career forward. It balances both theory and practice, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to launch your career in International Finance.

91% of the MFA graduates secured employment within 3 months of graduating. 74% joined the Finance sector and 26% chose roles in Consulting, Technology and Diversified sectors. Job locations were global, and UK remained strong with 65% securing their positions here, followed by Asia (19%), Europe (10%) Rest of the World (6%)

Start your LBS journey with us on one of our Masters programmes. To speak with us about our programmes, get in contact with the relevant Recruitment & Admissions team below:

MiM & GMiM – mim@london.edu
MAM – mam@london.edu
MFA – mfa@london.edu

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