Early Careers: Celebrating Women in Business

by Paige Morgan, Recruitment Coordinator, Early Careers

As a Recruitment Coordinator for the Early Career programmes I get to attend a number of events and on Friday I had the joy of attending the Women in Business conference. It was a day celebrating the influence and power that women can have within the business landscape, which aligned perfectly with International Women’s Day.

Throughout the day, a variety of empowered women spoke about their experiences in the workplace, both good and bad; how they overcame obstacles and got to where they are today. There were also male spokesmen present at the day explaining what it is that their company is doing to help women experience fewer obstacles and become equal to men in the workplace, which was very refreshing to hear. As is expected, more and more companies have realised the gap in equality between men and women and are working to decrease this through a number of initiatives – all varying between companies.

Break-out sessions were also offered where we had the chance to choose two sessions which we would like to attend. These sessions ranged from negotiating for yourself, confronting & preventing everyday biases and addressing mental health stigmas to create compassionate workplaces. They were interactive sessions, with various activities and reflection points integrated in, allowing you to think how you could make a difference – big or small – in the workplace.

Throughout the day, the Women in Business Conference was the top trending hashtag on Twitter in London, showing the power and influence that events like this can create across the country as well as highlighting the importance of issues such as these.

We are arranging a Women’s Afternoon Tea (date TBC) for applicants to the Early Careers programmes where we will have a variety of women; including alumni, careers, student ambassadors and our Early Careers Admissions Director, Stephanie Kernwein Thrane. The aim of the session will be to meet some candidates who may be studying alongside you at LBS as well as the opportunity to speak to our guests to really gain an understanding of what it is like to study here. Please keep an eye on the website for further details coming soon!

The conference was an eye-opening experience which made me come away with an insight into what businesses are currently doing in an attempt to reduce these inequality gaps as well as encouraging me to take little steps every day to help reduce this gap across the world.

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