Empowerment Beyond Boundaries: My Journey as a Woman at LBS

First, receiving the Women’s Merit Scholarship was a quiet nod of recognition from LBS, a signal that they saw potential in me and were willing to invest in it. It’s been less about the title and more about what it represents: a chance to dive into my studies with a little less on my plate financially. This support has been a key part of my time at LBS, giving me the space to focus on what’s truly important – growing, learning, and preparing to make an impact.

Becoming an active member of the Women in Business Club opened a whole new dimension of support. Here, I’ve connected with peers and mentors who provide a daily dose of inspiration and guidance. The club’s activities and events have not only bolstered my professional network but also enriched my personal growth.

Participation in the Finance Club’s ‘Women in Banking’ event was another highlight of my LBS experience. As we discussed the nuances of being a woman in a male-dominated field, it was invigorating to exchange stories of perseverance and success. This event helped me expand my network and offered a platform to share and learn from the experiences of other women in finance.

The Career Centre at LBS serves as a bridge to the professional world. I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive networking event at Lazard’s office in London, which was truly inspiring. It allowed me to meet and form connections with successful women in the finance sector, broadening my perspective on what can be achieved with determination and the right support.

Moreover, LBS’s commitment to inclusivity and personal development extends to sports. The women’s rugby and football teams demonstrate our community’s dedication to creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. These teams have offered much more than the chance to stay active; it’s been a gateway to various social gatherings and a wonderful opportunity to forge lasting friendships.

As I reflect on my time at LBS, I see a set of experiences that have collectively shaped my personal and professional identity. The Women’s Merit Scholarship opened doors, the Women in Business Club provided a platform for growth, and other networking events and clubs rounded out a truly amazing educational experience. To those aspiring to join LBS or seeking to understand what it means to be a woman in this vibrant community, I extend an invitation to reach out. Let’s discuss how LBS can be the stepping stone to not just a successful career but a fulfilling life journey.

Written By, Minji Song, MFA 2024

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