End of Year Reflections: My Journey as a MiM Scholar

Written By, Olivia Tapper, MiM2024

As an English Literature student, I had never considered a career in business. I was passionate about the arts, loved to read and thrived on analysing the works of great writers to construct arguments. After graduating I began a career in marketing – an industry that fosters creativity which felt like a natural transition from my degree. I was surprised to find that I felt unsatisfied in my role and was forced to take a deeper look into what really drives and motivates me in my work. Over the following year I explored careers across various sectors including art direction, tech, and healthcare. In each role I felt most energised when devising strategies, analysing problems, and finding innovative solutions. My curiosity drove me to want to understand the situations I was faced with whilst my analytical approach helped me find considered and practical solutions. I had discovered a genuine passion for the world of business and decided to trust that instinct. 

Whilst I knew what aspects of work I enjoyed, I still didn’t know what role or industry would suit me best. I determined that a Masters in Management would provide me with the necessary foundation to thrive in whatever career I chose whilst enabling me to explore different areas of business and find my passion.

Choosing LBS

The key factors I considered when choosing a university were its reputation, its careers service, and the programme’s syllabus. The careers service was a big consideration for me since having access to resources, advisors and a strong network would enable me to explore and eventually obtain my ideal job. The syllabus was similarly important since, coming from a non-business background, I was determined to cover as much material as possible over the course of the programme. For that reason, I prioritised courses that were comprehensive and offered advanced specialisations to ensure that I could accelerate my learning. I also prioritised universities that had a global reputation for excellence. Being half-British and half-Spanish, it was important for me to obtain a degree that would open doors in both countries and wouldn’t limit me in the future. 

London Business School quickly became the only option for me as it met all my criteria. The School’s stellar reputation as the 3rd best business school in the world, alongside its incredible alumni community and extensive program syllabus made it the obvious choice. However, these factors inevitably combine to make the School highly competitive. I applied nonetheless and was thrilled to subsequently receive an acceptance letter.

Merit Scholarship

Having applied to LBS in the third round of applications, many of the deadlines for scholarships I was eligible for had already passed. I was therefore incredibly surprised to receive an email a few weeks later offering me the London Business School Merit Scholarship covering a third of my tuition fees. The scholarship represented more than just financial relief, it also helped instil a sense of confidence in me as I was rewarded for my ambition and diversity of thought. This helped me realise that my value was not defined by the undergraduate degree I had studied, but rather by what I was determined to achieve moving forward. Stepping so far out of my comfort zone required determination and faith in my abilities – this scholarship served as a reminder of that throughout the year. Part of me had been unsure about what to expect from the LBS community as a competitive, world-renowned institution in the business sector. However, the School’s holistic approach to evaluating applications demonstrated a commitment to open-minded and forward-thinking policies which confirmed to me that LBS was the right choice. 

Programme Experience

My past year studying the MiM at LBS has exceeded my expectations. The first few months of the course introduced me to new subjects, friends, and possible careers which resulted in a very intense but fulfilling period. My only regret from my first term is not giving myself time to find my footing and discover what I wanted in a career before diving into the job search. Over the rest of the programme, I learnt a combination of technical and soft skills, each of which challenged me in different ways. As the course went on, I gained confidence in my ability to overcome the most complex aspects of the course and became increasingly certain about the qualities I was looking for in my next role. 

Throughout the year the Scholars Network offered opportunities to meet exceptional people on the course, many coming from diverse academic backgrounds like myself. Through these events I was able to connect with people who were at the same stage of their career exploration and who were also evaluating their priorities. This led me to a community of people who kept me grounded throughout the year and helped me explore what path I wanted. I found incredibly supportive people who, after many nights of studying and preparing for interviews, have become some of my closest friends. 

Looking Ahead

I have now completed the MiM program at LBS and feel very fortunate both for the people I have met and the lessons I have learnt over this year, academic and personal alike. My exploration of different sectors has led me to pursue a career in consulting. As a consultant I plan to further my learning by working across different industries whilst applying my analytical abilities to devise strategies for various business challenges. I am now looking forward to beginning a summer internship at Roland Berger’s London office. 

LBS has provided me with the resources to explore the roles in which I thrive whilst simultaneously granting me the necessary tools to secure them. The Merit Scholarship helped me begin exploring the unique ways in which I create value beyond my academic background. The education this course provides goes far beyond outstanding academic preparation. LBS grants you the tools to identify “Why you?” but maximising this experience requires utilising the resources on offer to tailor the programme around enhancing your unique skill set. I encourage you to explore what you offer as an individual, use this degree to strengthen those abilities and find an environment which will enable you to thrive.

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