Exploring the Pulse: LBS Student Club Adventures

Smillia Hogh, MiM2024

I joined the Impact Consulting Club not only to have a positive impact on issues which I care about, but also to gain experience in working on consulting projects in teams. More specifically, the Club offers the opportunity to participate in “term projects”, a 10-week long initiative in which teams of 4-6 students work with 10 real clients to solve their strategic business problems. These projects are furthermore led by experienced MBA strategy consultants from Bain & Co.  

Along with my team made up of 7 students, we developed a funding strategy for an NGO based in Venezuela providing financial and psychological aid to children with cancer. For 10 weeks starting in October, we carried out regular meetings with the client to determine their specific funding needs, developed the initial analysis of the NGO’s current situation, analysed approaches of comparable NGOs, and ultimately established a short-, mid-, and long-term funding strategy adapted to their specific needs.

Throughout the project, we checked-in with our mentor at Bain & Co, where we were given specific feedback from an experienced professional to improve our approach and deliver the best possible project to the client. We ultimately presented the final project to the client as well as Bain & Co in November. It was truly a unique experience, as my team and I were able to collectively contribute to a positive impact for the children and the NGO, as it will allow more children suffering from cancer to have access to financial and psychological help from the NGO. Furthermore, it allowed my team and I to develop our consulting and teamwork skills by delivering a project under time pressure.  

Furthermore, my interest in the consulting field led me to join the Consulting Club, as it offers many resources for training and development such as mock interviews, organizes international events with consulting firms, and coordinates case competitions. For instance, the Consulting Club organized a “Case Interview Foundations” webinar, in which Octavio Figueroa, a former McKinsey consultant, gave the audience many insights as to how to approach case interviews and what case interviewers are seeking in candidates. During the class, we were also able to work through live case examples and receive feedback from a coach. This case preparation class was very useful to enhance case interview skills and get tailored feedback from a professional within the industry.  

So far, my participation in student clubs has allowed me to gain many insights both personally and professionally, and I look forward to participating in many more events organized by LBS student clubs.  

Pongpol Anuntasilpa, MAM2024

After joining the Tech & Media Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Music Club and Data & AI Association, I knew I had found communities that aligned with both my passions and career ambitions. But I didn’t fully appreciate how joining these clubs would lead me to some of my most meaningful experiences at LBS. 

Through the clubs, I’ve been able to attend events and connect with industry leaders that I never imagined possible in a classroom setting. For example, I attended Tech@LBS, a massive three-day tech conference organized by my Tech Club. Picture this—speakers from Google, WhatsApp, Revolut, and dozens of other cutting-edge companies sharing insights and doing deep dives about the future of technology. 

I also have joined LBS Digital Bootcamp and gained practical insights from executives at Google, Amazon, Meta, TikTok as well as the TMC Product Bootcamp. Through the Entrepreneurship Club, I attended their Legal 101 for entrepreneurs seminar by David Farquharson, Founder of London Law Collective. He covered the 10 most common legal mistakes made by startups and how to avoid them! Connecting with these experts across such a breadth of critical topics showed me what the entrepreneurial energy at LBS is really about. 

What made all these experiences so impactful was the people by my side through them. The clubs connected me to teammates, collaborators, friends and mentors from among our class of nearly 2,000 students from 90+ countries. I now have a global support network spanning functions, industries and cultures that I can always turn to.

Paul Gabard, MFA2024

Before starting my journey at LBS, I had heard about the vibrant community and the multitude of opportunities it offers. Now, as I immerse myself in the diverse club culture here, my experiences have not only confirmed but also enriched this understanding. My involvement in various clubs has been a cornerstone of my LBS experience, bringing tales of adventure, learning, and impactful community engagement.

The Volunteers Club at LBS is a place where the spirit of giving and community service converges, offering a profound counterbalance to the rigour of academic and professional pursuits. In this club, we don’t just talk about making a difference; we actively engage in initiatives that transform lives. One of my favourite aspects of being part of this club is our involvement with the charity Wings of Hope. As a member of the partnerships team within the club’s ExCo, I get to maintain and build relationships with existing and prospective charities and organisations.  

As part of the club, I was given the opportunity to volunteer to prepare and give a CV and Interview workshop to teenagers, an experience that goes beyond mere volunteerism. It’s about empowering the next generation, sharing knowledge and skills that can open doors to new opportunities for them. This isn’t just a chance to teach; it’s an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, to see the world from diverse perspectives, and to play a role in shaping future leaders. 

The club also spearheads various fundraising and donation drives, each event a testament to our commitment to social responsibility. Whether it’s organising charity runs, book sales, or community outreach programs, every activity is imbued with a sense of purpose. 

The Snow Club at LBS is more than just a group of ski and snowboard enthusiasts; it’s a community where passion for winter sports unites us. Each year, we embark on the Snow Trek, this year it is an exhilarating one-week journey to Val Thorens, one of the largest and most prestigious ski destinations. Imagine going down slopes surrounded by fellow students who share your excitement for every turn and jump. It’s not just about mastering skiing or snowboarding; it’s about embracing the winter, bonding over shared experiences, and creating memories that last beyond our time at LBS!  

These memories we create at Val Thorens are more than fleeting moments; these experiences are like threads that make up the Snow Club’s memories. Long after we have descended the last slope and packed away our gear, these memories will endure, a testament to the friendships forged. The Snow Club isn’t just a part of our academic journey; it’s a chapter in our personal growth, enjoying key moments with friends, and the joy of sharing passions. 

In conclusion, my club experiences at LBS haven’t just been about filling up my timetable; they have been about building a network and creating long-lasting friendships and memories. To anyone embarking on their LBS journey, remember this: find your clubs, find your community, and you just might find yourself. 

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