From Classroom to Career: How LBS supported my Journey

As an economics undergraduate, my primary goal upon coming to LBS was to expand my horizons and step out of my comfort zone. I aimed to broaden my knowledge and skill set, ensuring I would be well-prepared to tackle any future challenges that could arise as a strategy consultant.

Now, a year after graduating from my Masters in Financial Analysis program, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact it has had on both my personal and professional growth. This journey at LBS has gone far beyond obtaining a master’s degree; it has been a transformative experience. Looking back, these are the main things I learned while on the program, which I carried with me to McKinsey.

From day one, I was amazed by the incredible experience of studying alongside a diverse and international cohort. It was inspiring to meet classmates who could switch between languages effortlessly, had travelled the world, and even competed as elite athletes. The clubs at LBS became my go-to for meeting people who shared my interests, whether it was for networking, fun, or just exploring new hobbies. And living in London? That was the cherry on top. Whether it was taking a leisurely walk in Regent’s Park, enjoying a picnic on Primrose Hill, cycling through Hyde Park, or exploring the city’s markets, neighbourhoods, museums, and musicals, there was always something new to discover.

Nowadays, I am a business analyst at McKinsey, and so much of what I learned at London Business School helps me in my job. To achieve this, I intentionally pursued a diverse range of courses, opting against specializing in a particular field. This approach allowed me to explore various subjects, including business analytics, private equity, asset management, and M&A. This choice opened a world of subjects and really paid off at McKinsey, where I have dived into various energy sectors like ammonia, steel, and hydrogen, using the insights I gained from my Energy Markets elective and in the Energy and Environment club.

Landing a job in consulting is far from easy, but LBS provides extensive support throughout the recruitment process in four ways: The Career Centre, the LBS community, the student clubs, and the Consulting Guide. The Career Centre can be a great help even before your LBS program begins. As an LBS student, you have unlimited access to one-to-one coaching with any of our Career Coaches and Sector Leads. These sessions are designed around your needs, whether you want support in evaluating your career options, perfecting your application materials, or preparing for upcoming interviews and assessment centres.

LBS offers an extensive student & alumni community. One of the key factors for getting the offer to join McKinsey was networking with MBA students and preparing for interviews with my Case prep group. Several student clubs at LBS are also focused on consulting. While at LBS, I was part of the Impact Consulting club having been involved in several projects through the year, including Project Aasha, which allows Graduate Masters students to collaborate with social entrepreneurs in India.

Finally, LBS has a Graduate Masters Consulting Recruitment Guide. Written by students, this extensive document is available to all LBS students and summarizes key information across the entire application journey. It starts with the introduction to consulting & the firms and then summarizes all aspects of an application, including CVs, cover letters, and personal fit & case interviews. The guide is specifically tailored to LBS students, e.g., it includes a whole section on how to network at LBS. Highlights include example phrases you can use in cover letters and a complete transcribed interview to showcase how one can structure interview answers.

Written By Joao Miguel Rodrigues Pereira, MFA23

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