Funding your Masters: What are your options?

In our last blog post, we talked about how much it costs to live and study in London, the transformational experience of attending London Business School and the excitement of living in this world class city.

We hope this helped in your decision to apply to join LBS, and study here in London.

Alongside submitting the application to your chosen programme and completing your all-important interview, we know that you are also giving a great deal of consideration to financing your course. Have you found it overwhelming? We are here to help. We are also here to help if you are not overwhelmed, but still in need of some solid guidance.

This is probably the most significant investment you will make in your professional career, maybe even your lifetime. We expect it will pay impressive dividends. But, in order to see this return, let’s first talk about your financing options.

Search for funding

A great first stop is our financial aid search tool on the LBS website. This search tool allows you to put in the information pertinent to you – the programme you still be studying, your nationality, your previous education and employment – and will show you options for financial aid – loans, grants, LBS and external scholarships. You’ll find out what the eligibility criteria are, and how to apply.

We are also proud to have a dedicated financial aid team at LBS, who fully understand the level of financial commitment required. From the moment you are offered a place at LBS, you’ll have access to the team as well as additional resources and more tailored support and guidance.


We want to make sure financial support is available to exceptional students for them to be able to really make the most out of their experience at LBS. We’re proud to have a portfolio of scholarship opportunities open to all students admitted to our degree programmes. Whilst some have qualifying criteria, most are open to everyone. Even better, we consider all admitted students automatically for the majority of our scholarships, meaning you won’t even have to spend the time applying to them.

Take a look at the scholarships that are on offer and hear from one of our stand-out MBA students, Tom Vanneste, on his LBS scholarship here.

Asking your employer for financial support

There are a few factors to consider before approaching your employer about financially supporting your studies. These questions include the likes of: whether you’re eligible for the programme, how the programme fits the needs of the business you work for and what commitment it is you’re asking from your employer. Make sure to carefully prepare your case before putting it to them, more information on how to most effectively do so can be found here.

Getting a loan

If from all the options you decide a loan is the best choice for you, you’ll find there are many organisations that lend to LBS students. Which loan is right for you depends on many factors including your nationality, your chosen degree programme and whether you’re looking to cover tuition fees or fund living in London.

A selection of the loans which are the most popular with our students are: Prodigy Finance, Future Finance, UK Postgraduate loan, US Federal aid and Canadian loans. You’ll find more information on which of these is the best choice for you personally here.

Our goal at London Business School is to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. We understand the level of financial commitment required to attend one of our programmes. We also believe that by providing you with access to these funding programmes it brings you a step closer to realising your potential as a member of the London Business School community.

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