Get to know the MBA Recruitment & Admissions Team

We’re delighted that you have initiated the first part of your LBS MBA admissions Journey. The research stage is just as important as the application stage and we often find candidates who do this well normally find the process easier.

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about our team.

The Recruitment & Admissions team are just a phone call or email away. They are on hand to provide you with all of the information you need to make that all important decision – Which business school is right for me? As well as the second most important decision – when should I apply? Find out more about our deadlines here.

Let me introduce you to some of the people you will meet on your admissions journey.

Caroline, Student Recruitment Associate, MBA

If you don’t know Caroline, you don’t know LBS! Caroline is the life and soul of our MBA Recruitment & Admissions team. Caroline has been working at LBS for 25 years and can offer great feedback on your profile and eligibility. She may reach out to you to offer a 1:1 consultation. Until then, if you haven’t already, why not register for an Information Event, these cover important topics to help you with your application. Check out our recent How to submit a strong application session.

Charlotte, Senior Global Recruitment Manager, MBA, MiF and Early Careers Programmes

That’s me. I look after the student recruitment team, which works to recruit our outstanding peer group at LBS. I work with the teams who make sure that all the information you need when researching our school is available. That’s everything from the programme content, to the student clubs, employment opportunities, how to fund your studies and the admissions blog. This should provide more than enough inspiring content for you to enjoy and a plethora of student ambassadors for you to get to know.

Alessandra, Senior Recruitment & Admissions Manager, MBA

Alessandra looks after the Admissions team. This is the team that will guide you through your admissions journey, once you have submitted your application. Alessandra joined me recently to discuss how to submit a strong application. You can view the event here.

Kirsten, Natalie, Zeynep, Elizabeth, Madelym, Alexandra, Lina and I-Lin are the MBA Recruitment & Admissions Team

The team guide you through the admissions journey. They read every application and work with the Admissions Committee to build the class. The team shares admissions insights and top tips for your application at our weekly MBA Online Overview – you can register now for an upcoming Friday!

David, Recruitment & Admissions Director, MBA

David oversees the whole of your journey with us until you officially become a student. As the Admissions Director, David has over 20 years’ experience working with MBA and MiF applicants. You can hear his advice on what to avoid in your application and the key elements we look for in candidates.

What’s next?

I hope that this has helped you to get to know the team. We think it’s really important that you feel well-researched before submitting your application.

We would love to hear from you, whether you are at the crucial research stage or in the process of applying for our MBA programme, the Recruitment & Admissions Team at LBS can offer you a wealth of support.

3 comments on “Get to know the MBA Recruitment & Admissions Team”

  1. Agasthya Thalakala Reply

    Hi, nice to briefly get to know you all. I am currently at the research stage – i’ve worked for about 4 years in Investment Banking and have a CFA. However, i feel a strong responsibility to give back to my own community and those under-represented. Therefore, i am looking to work at the intersection of private equity/venture capital & social impact. I loved learning about the various tools at LBS for this purpose from student led impact funds, to coursework, the MIINT competition. I was hoping to better understand these experiences within the community ,but wasn’t sure who to reach out to.

  2. Sara Alattas Reply

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I would like to request a quick call with the admission team as I have some inquiries regarding my application.

    I would appreciate hearing back from you.

    Thanks and regards,

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