How to use LinkedIn to elevate and amplify your Personal Brand

Ever wondered how to use LinkedIn effectively to promote your personal brand? LBS were delighted to be joined by LinkedIn & Brand Consultant, Laura Fox, who shared a practical three step approach to using the platform, and provided actionable tips on how to create a ‘Best in Class’ profile. With 19 years in the Marketing & Advertising industry, and specialising in employer and personal branding, Laura’s insight is invaluable.

In the webinar, Laura highlighted key reasons and themes as to why people use LinkedIn, and shared her tips everyone should be aware of when using it:

  • Identity
    On LinkedIn, people spend time looking at other people’s profiles, whether for interest or for connections, so making sure your profile is up-to-date and relevant is key! Laura emphasised that the “less is more” attitude should not apply to your LinkedIn profile page. When others visit your page they should get a snapshot of who you are, so filling in the “About” section is important.
  • Networks
    The majority of people use LinkedIn to grow their networks. Using keywords in your profile will help you to connect with the right people and be found more easily. One myth Laura pointed out is that a lot of people assume the number of connections is the most important thing. Contrastingly, Laura emphasised that it’s not about the number but the quality. By connecting with someone, you are making your other connections aware that you, effectively, you endorse this person. Ultimately, a connection should add mutual value. Can this person add to your professional insight? Can you add to theirs? These are questions Laura herself asks when connecting with people to avoid the user experience being diluted by information on her newsfeed that isn’t relevant or something she is interested in.
  • Knowledge
    LinkedIn is also used by people who want to gain industry insight and keep updated on news within their sector. Laura describes this theme within LinkedIn like a work conference that is happening 24/7 so it’s up to you to turn up and get involved!

In the second half of the webinar Laura also interviewed Charlotte Smith, Senior Global Recruitment Manager at LBS, to ask what business schools look for on LinkedIn to find out more about prospective students or applicants;

“What’s key here is that every business school is different. Every school you’re looking at or approaching will have a different approach to their recruitment and admissions processes. What you need to do before applying to any business school is research the business schools you’re interested in, and get to know what they’re looking for or how they’re looking for prospective students. That will tell you so much about the type of school you’re looking at, the community they’re proud of and whether or not it’s a community you want to be a part of. At LBS, we are community first in everything that we do, we are very proud of our global and diverse community, and we are always looking to get to know the whole person. Whether that’s at prospective student level (before you’ve submitted an application) or at application stage. Our application process is very holistic; you’ll see in our application forms there are mini-essay questions that are just around you as a person. At LBS we don’t use LinkedIn in the application process but we do view it before the application process to advise and make sure the programme you’re choosing is the right route for you.”

The final part of the webinar was a Q&A in which Laura aimed to give specific insight into LinkedIn and the myths around how it’s used. This involved answering questions around connection requests, posts and content, and approaching senior members of businesses you are interested in. An example of some of the questions Laura answered are:

Is it true that you need 500+ connections for the LinkedIn algorithm to bring your profile up when doing a search?

“That isn’t true! The primary focus should be that the more you put in the more you get out. So with regards to the algorithm, consistency and quality are very important.”

How do you approach gaining a connection with someone who is very senior on LinkedIn?

“There are a number of things you can do in the first instance. Follow their company pages and show you’re up-to-date with what’s happening in their space and what they care about. You can also follow those people but you don’t need to connect with them right away. By following them first you can see content they’re sharing and what they are interested in. Comment, like and get onto their radar.
Another tactic is just sending a polite message, perhaps asking for advice. Right now, with Covid world we’re living in, and a universal message about being kind to each other, people are more giving of their time. You might be surprised how open people are to giving their time.”

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