In conversation with our MBA Student Ambassadors: LBS – A journey full of surprises

When embarking on the LBS MBA there are many aspects of the programme and LBS experience that you’ll prepare for during your research in the early stages of your application. However, there are many wonderful experiences that you’ll enjoy which will be surprising and unexpected. Our MBA Student Ambassadors highlight some surprising moments during this LBS journey so far, which they didn’t anticipate when first joining the school.


Pedro Azcarraga, MBA2022
“LBS presents every student with an overwhelming number of opportunities and activities. Looking back, it should not have come as a surprise because I was told about it multiple times. However, I never imagined just how many things LBS and the community had on offer. I did not expect to have such a packed schedule. Between classes, projects, career events, workshops, competitions, recruiting, clubs, social events, sightseeing and meeting people, I found that days didn’t have enough hours. You won’t find a better course on trade-offs than the MBA. Everyone seems to be doing everything. It can be rigorous, which is even more surprising because I’ve been here during the pandemic. The best part about it: the options are unlimited, and you get to choose what to focus your time on and (for the most part) when.”


Sarah Ellena, MBA2022
“While I had heard of the strong sense of community at LBS, witnessing this first-hand in my first months into the MBA was one of the biggest surprises. Every classmate I’ve met has been incredibly supportive and kind, which has made me realise how much I can learn from my peers. The breadth of professional experiences and cultural backgrounds is truly an advantage for LBS – I’ve met people with incredible stories and perspectives, such as a policy director who oversaw 350 people, an impact consultant with 7 years of working experience in Africa and a doctor who used to be on the NHS pandemic frontline.

In difficult times, the importance of having such a strong and vibrant community is even more evident. Looking back prior to joining LBS, I remember worrying about how Covid-19 would affect my ability to meet and form meaningful relationships with classmates, professors and other school members, which is clearly one of the key elements of any MBA programme. Luckily, everyone has been putting a lot of effort to connect and stay in touch as we all go through the same unusual experience.”


Gal Levi, MBA2022
“The thing that I found as the most surprising was that despite a global pandemic and all the restrictions posed by the governments, I still managed to meet and connect with classmates, attend classes (virtually) without any difficulty, and push my career forward even stronger.

In every crisis lies an opportunity, and I think LBS has been able to adjust to the situation in the best possible way. Classes are running seamlessly on zoom, and the level of teaching has not deteriorated as a result. Active class participation works perfectly, and the professors have demonstrated impeccable abilities to lecture and operate three different screens at a time. These efforts taken by the school just show how important it is to choose the right school.”


Tanuj Srivastava, MBA2022
“The sense of collaboration and community embodies the spirit of LBS – something I had read about but never truly understood until I actually felt it. The beauty of bringing people together from all over the world into one classroom is truly amazing. LBS is a place where everyone looks out for each other – like a close-knit family – and cheers you on as you follow your dreams. And, since we spend 2 years being a student but 40 years being alumni, we are only just getting started.”

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