Insights into Student Clubs: My Experience in the Middle East and North Africa Club

By Hamad Alshehab, MIFFT2024

The MENA Club was established to act as a bridge between LBS and the region

The Middle East and North Africa Club was established in 2002 to offer a distinctive opportunity, serving as a bridge between London Business School (LBS) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), facilitating cultural exchange and career opportunities. With a membership exceeding 3000, comprising of current students and alumni, the Club organizes a variety of events throughout the academic year, including conferences and treks, career presentations, discussion panels, and social gatherings. Its mission is to facilitate career opportunities, cultivate dialogue on regional development, and delve into the vibrant culture and heritage of the region.

The Club provides opportunities to play a role in fostering culture exchange

I strongly believe that each region has a unique culture, history, and heritage that differentiates it from one another. I am interested in exploring and introducing our culture, as well as sharing what we have been doing to advance our economy with the world. I chose to join the Executive Committee of the MENA Club to play a role in exploring new opportunities for collaboration between the MENA region and LBS communities. I believe the MENA region has a vibrant society, with strong aspirations, ambitious plans, and undergoing transformative economic development across its countries.

Co-leading the Annual 21st MENA Conference this year was a unique and enriching learning experience

Last year, I was selected to co-lead the Annual 21st MENA Conference as the Vice-chairman, and it was a rewarding experience. The MENA Conference serves as a beacon for thought leadership, sparking rich and meaningful discussions on the latest trends impacting the region. Co-leading the conference with 16 members of LBS communities from 8 nationalities was an enriching experience where I was able to learn, grow, and make a significant contribution to support the Club. Being at LBS has played a vital role in attracting the region’s most influential figures such as Ministers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders. This year, I was able to work with the team and successfully attract major sponsors such as Jada Funds of Fund, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Saudi Electricity Company, and many more from the MENA region to establish partnerships and provide career opportunities for the LBS community.

It is an opportunity to learn from the industry leaders and stay up-to-date on the market trends

LBS provides an opportunity to join one of the most active student clubs among the 80 clubs across different areas such as Private Equity and Venture Capital, Finance, Investments, and Entrepreneurship. Being a member of several clubs at LBS such as the MENA Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and Private Equity and Venture Capital Club complements my learning experience at LBS, where I have first-hand engagement with industry leaders and learn from their knowledge. This allows me to link my academic studies in finance with industry practices.

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