Join us for the next Executive MBA Round Table!

by Ashley Curry, Admissions Manager, LBS Sloan Masters & EMBA-Global programmes

London Business School is excited to re-introduce the Round Table Information session, and the next one will be held on September 18, 2019!

The Round Table format is a unique and engaging way for you to gather more information about our Executive MBA (EMBA) programmes, and interact with staff from various departments. A typical information session would be held in a lecture theatre and consist of a 30 minute presentation and alumni panel. The Round Table format however is more like a ‘speed dating’ session. Prospective students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from several departments in order to have specific questions answered. Here are some examples of which teams will likely be present and what type of advice they are able to offer.

Recruitment team:
Our recruitment team specialises in educating prospective applicants on the differences between our leadership programmes and what the qualifications for entry are. You will have the opportunity to learn more about which programme suits your needs and will help you to meet your goals. The recruitment team can also review your CV and give you feedback before you even begin the application process. If you decide that one of the EMBA programmes is a great fit then they can walk you through the application process.

Admissions managers:
Admissions managers usually do not work with prospective students until after they have submitted an application, so this is an exclusive opportunity to meet with them before applying. You can ask various questions regarding the application review process and selection for interview stage. They can offer advice on what to include in your application, essays and who to ask for references. They can recommend ways of financing the programme and advise on short term study VISA requirements. Admissions managers can also answer questions regarding the level of diversity amongst previous EMBA classes.

Programme managers:
The Programme teams are not usually representatives at Information Sessions so again this is a great opportunity to meet them. The programme team cares for students once the programme begins. They can answer questions relating to core classes, the elective process, faculty profiles, assessments, work load, residential weeks, and the Global Business Assignment.

Business Development:
The Business development team can answer questions relating to creating a business case for company sponsorship. A significant number of EMBA candidates are able to secure some type of full or partial funding from their employer. There is a detailed guide on the website. If you have interest in building a business case for company sponsorship then I encourage you to read the guide and come with any additional questions that are specific to your situation.

Career Centre:
London Business School has a fabulous Career Centre and the executive career leaders can offer guidance and inspiration. Sometimes the career path for students on the leadership programmes is not as straight forward as those on Early Career programmes but nevertheless you’ll find a lot of tailored support. The Career Centre offers one-to-one coaching throughout various stages of the programme. Come meet with them as a prospective student to find out how they are able to assist you in meeting your goals.

EMBA Alumni:
Arguably the most valuable perspective for a prospective student would be that of an actual EMBA alumni group. They provide advice and valuable feedback. Alumni are always invited to info sessions, however the unique round table format allows you to meet them one-to-one and ask them about their experience on the programme. They can answer questions regarding why they chose London Business School to pursue their EMBA, what the workload was like, how they chose electives, what country they completed their Global Assignment in, how they utilised the LBS network of peers and alumni, or what they are doing now that they have graduated.

We hope to see you the evening of Wednesday 18 September 2019. Please sign up here or email us with any questions!


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