Joining the LBS Community – A Fairy Light in a String of Brilliance

By Daniela Boquete Tudesco (EMBALS2025)

What made you decide to do an EMBA?

For the past decade, securing a graduate degree from a top-tier business school has been my dream. Beyond personal fulfilment and career growth—mastering the art of running successful and ethical businesses—achieving this goal would be a source of immense joy and pride for my family. As the first and only undergraduate, this journey holds significant meaning for us.

What did you do to prepare for the course in terms of your professional and personal life?

The decision to start the programme wasn’t made lightly; I am a Latin woman with a background of low socio-economic status, a single mother living abroad, and in my late 40s. Despite facing financial challenges and setbacks in my life, I’ve consistently pushed myself to grow. It’s the only way I know how to live my life: always striving for progress.

In terms of career preparation, it took some years of planning. When I started my current role in 2021, I expressed my intention to pursue an MBA. In 2023, I presented my case to my manager and subsequently to HR. They offered me a flexible working schedule, allowing me to recoup time during the week to attend classes without reducing my salary.

In terms of personal life preparation, with my daughter now 17 and having completed her GCSEs, I felt it was the right time to prioritise my studies. I’ve had open discussions with her, and this experience is also helping her transition into a more mature and independent phase of life. It’s not easy, but it’s working so far!

What made you to choose LBS?

At LBS, the sense of belonging and the celebration of diversity are at the heart of the community. Being a member of the LBS community is like being one of the bulbs in a string of fairy lights. It’s about being part of a network where we all shine together, each adding our unique light to the collective brilliance. Joining this community is like plugging into a network that’s already fully enabled, where I can empower others to shine alongside me.

My expectations from the programme were centred on three key aspirations: Excel in the Industry, Maximise Results, and Transform.

Excel in the Industry: The rapidly evolving media landscape presents an exciting opportunity for growth and innovation. Joining the LBS EMBA programme would enhance my skills, broaden my vision, and empower me to shape the future of the streaming industry.

Maximise Results: Driven by the belief that greater effort leads to greater rewards, I’ve consistently pushed myself beyond expectations. However, I’ve learned that effort alone may not always result in optimal outcomes. The LBS EMBA programme would offer invaluable insights to help me refine my approach and unlock my full potential.

Transform: The LBS EMBA programme would offer a transformative journey that extends to personal, strategic, and professional realms. It’s an opportunity to accelerate my evolution from proficient professional to a seasoned leader, engaging with faculty, mentors, and peers promises to refine my personal brand and build upon my existing achievements.

To this day, the programme continues to empower and enable me to maintain a fulfilling career while respecting my core values and prioritising what matters most in life. Thus, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose LBS and I am immensely grateful to the Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund for their support in making this dream a reality.

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