Kira and GMAC’s Soft Skills: New tools of assessment for Leadership programmes

By Elena Aldea, Recruitment and Admissions Officer, Leadership Programmes

Leadership programmes have recently introduced two new assessment platforms as part of the holistic evaluation process – Kira Talent assessment and GMAC’s Soft Skills assessment. These are now included in the admissions process and will have to be completed before the official interview with one of the members of the Committee or alumni. The answers and results from both assessments will be taken into consideration along with the interview feedback and application itself when taking a final decision on the applicant’s candidacy.

Let’s have a look in more depth at the format and technical side of these two assessments:

1. Kira Talent Assessment

Kira consists of three questions pre-recorded by our team members, whose aim is to assess our essential traits – leadership, openness, and resilience. It will add value to your standard application and will enable us to get a sense of your personality and potential.

Once the question is displayed on the screen, you have one minute of preparation, after which the platform will start recording your answer. Then, you have two minutes and a half to deliver each answer, therefore make sure you use the prep time wisely to plan your thoughts.

The assessment will take approximately 20 minutes, including the two practice questions at the beginning. As it is audio and video recorded, we would advise you to choose a quiet place, without anything around that could disturb your attention.

2. GMAC’s Soft Skills Assessment 

GMAC’s Soft Skills is an online assessment that provides objective insights into how applicants manage their work – including how they set goals, work with others, and make decisions. It will also help the Admissions Team to identify the candidates’ set of skills and attributes which are taken into account when putting the study groups together, for instance.

The assessment is made of 80 questions and takes approximately 45 minutes, although it is untimed. Each question asks the candidate to review three statements and choose the one that is the most accurate and least accurate about themselves. It is important to mention there are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  

You can take the assessment in multiple sittings either from your mobile phone or computer, and you do not require any preparation for it. 

Upon completion, you will receive a report emphasising your top three strengths, with development activities you can complete to continue developing them. The report can also help you prepare for the upcoming official interview.

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    Really liked the Kira platform experience, seamless user experience and integrated practice opportunities.

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