Launching your career with the MFA

by Enrico Cocchi, Careers Lead, MFA

99% of our Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) 2017 class received job offers within three months of graduation with 96% accepting the positions. A number of factors are involved in creating this success alongside the intensive programme, from the key location to the support provided.

London location

London is an important financial and economic capital with many company headquarters here covering Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Several factors including English being the lingua franca of our century, the stable legal system, the time zone between the Americas and Asia, London is a critical global hub for anyone doing business. Steeped in history and a cultural powerhouse for the arts, architecture, sciences and education, London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and has been a popular tourist destination for a millennia. The city streets are easy to navigate and public transportation is plentiful. With over 300 languages spoken in the city and all its gastronomical delights, our students get a taste of what being a global citizen means.

Being in London has great impact on the overall programme experience. London Business School’s central London location makes it is easy for employers and guest speakers to come to campus, and provides easy access to company offices and venues for our students. In addition to events and workshops organised by the LBS Student Clubs, the Career Centre and the School, students have access to great events organised by companies and various organisations in the finance, consulting and tech industries.

Supporting your career

While some students will arrive at LBS with a job offer in place, others will avail a multitude of resources to successfully prepare for the competitive autumn recruitment cycle. The MFA programme is designed to help students unlock their potential and launch their career, discover new roles, sectors and employment opportunities around the world. As an MFA student, you’ll receive excellent preparation in the entire recruitment cycle, starting from personalised instruction on how to write a great CV and cover letter, to preparing for an interview and an assessment centre. Plus, from the moment our students join the School, they have access to an outstanding community of other students, alumni and staff.

The Career Centre is a team of 40+ professional, with a variety of backgrounds, representing 15 nationalities and speaking 17 languages – our diversity reflects the diversity of the students we work with! We work with students in a variety of formats, from plenary sessions with the whole class, to smaller group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. We have a rich collection of online resources and we support our students with our EEDD framework (exploring, evaluating, developing and doing) to define and achieve their career goals, which, in the case of Early Careers students, usually translates in successfully securing an internship or permanent role in the function, sector and location of choice.

Most MFA students are targeting a career in finance when they start the programme, which could mean joining an investment bank in a front office role or securing an entry-level role in private equity. Career ambitions of some students change as they progress through the course, with students discovering boutique companies in investment management, as well as finance roles in a variety of organisations, such as fast-moving consumer goods, or technology companies. Some of our students also develop an interest in entrepreneurship and here at LBS they are supported by mentors, alumni, events organised by the Career Centre, as well as our own incubator!

The key message is: no matter which sector, roles or geographies our students might want to explore, the Career Centre is here to support you on your journey.

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