LBS Sloan: Getting a scholarship

by Linden Selby, Senior Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

We had a strong group applying for the first deadline of the year for the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, and are well on our way to bringing in the class of 2020. From your applications so far we can see many of you are clearly “givers” in your lives – engaged in a range of ventures and activities to support and positively impact the lives of others.

We’ll be following up with shortlisting decisions and organising interviews, and alumni all over the world are gearing up to spend time with our candidates and eagerly checking the 2019 class directory to see how the next generation is getting on.

LBS hosts a special day for new alumni every year, which gives us a chance to say a general “thank you” to newly graduated student and recent alumni who help the school in so many ways, and this includes supporting us with scholarships.

We know funding can be a challenge, and the latest information on scholarships is now published.

As you read about the scholarships here are some tips from the Scholarship Committee:

  1. It is very competitive – for some of our scholarships we expect 50+ entries. Make sure to spend some time thinking about how you will stand out in your application.
  2. Where a video is required we want to see and hear you – so make sure we can! We love that you involve colleagues, friends and family or are brilliant with PowerPoint and creating cartoon characters – but ultimately it is about you.
  3. We know a quiet place is hard to find in many cities – traffic, insects, music, a water feature, your kids (!) so try to find somewhere peaceful enough for us to hear you.
  4. Be brave, be resourceful, tell your story and show us a Scholar who will make the admissions team, the class, LBS and the alumni, who contribute so generously, proud.

If you want to be well prepared as an applicant for the next deadline on 28 May, we have a great variety of ways to support you including one-to-one coffee chats, class visits and CV reviews to discuss your background and goals. To get started please feel free to contact our recruitment team.


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