LBS Sloan: Moving to London

by Arione McQueenie, Recruitment Manager, Leadership Programmes

The opportunity to study and live in London is often a huge draw when considering a full time programme at London Business School. However, moving to London can often be a daunting process, especially for students on our LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, who are most likely moving to London with a partner or family.

In order to help you best prepare for this move, here is our handy guide to key costs and considerations when moving to London.


One of the key costs to consider when moving to London is your accommodation cost. Many of our Sloan Fellows have families and therefore need to consider the costs of moving a family to the UK. Our general advice would be to budget approximately £30,000-£45,000 for a family, or £25,000-£30,000 for a single person in shared accommodation.

You will also want to consider where you live. The campus is in a residential area and some Sloan’s do choose to live locally. However, if you are looking for home with a bit more space you may want to consider living outside of central London; Baker street tube is very well connected so the whole of London is your oyster. You can learn more about the local areas here.

Visa Requirements

As a full time programme, our LBS Sloan Masters students require a Tier 4 study visa. On this visa you are allowed to bring your dependents to the UK.  Dependents are classified as your husband, wife, unmarried partner or children under 18 years old. You can find more information about Tier 4 visas via the Home Office website.

We recommend that non UK/EU citizens apply for the programme no later than 25th July 2018 in order to meet visa requirements for the programme’s January start.

Get your partner involved through the Partners Club

The Partners Club is managed by partners for partners. Their goal is to provide a support network for the LBS community and organise events and activities for people with varying interests. Getting your partner involved in this club is a great way to keep them involved in your new adventure and can help them settle into London life.

Schools and Childcare

Sloan Fellows often move to the UK with children and therefore require schools and childcare options. If you have a child under school age and want to arrange childcare, the first step would be to contact the Partners’ Club and ask if anyone would recommend a good nanny or nursery.

In the UK, children usually go to primary school between the ages of four and eleven and secondary school is compulsory until the age of 16. Many continue in higher education until 18 or 19.

There are 3 types of schools:

  • State comprehensive schools providing education for free
  • State grammar schools – selective state schools which may require children to sit an entrance test
  • Private schools – fee-paying schools (the cost per term depends on the school and location)

State schools are managed by different boroughs and city councils. A child must live within a school’s catchment area to be eligible for admission. Private schools offer flexibility in terms of residential address. Find further information and a list of schools by boroughs/councils here.

If you have any further questions about your future move to London please do get in touch with the Recruitment Team at, we will be happy to discuss any questions you have and can also put you in touch with an Alumni who has gone through the moving process.

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