London Business School Review: Confessions of an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. But LBS MBA alumna and entrepreneur, Prabha Rathinasabapathy, explains how saying yes can be the key to opening doors and creating those necessary support systems when starting and building your own business. It was during her MBA at LBS that Prabha began her business, SoMo. Not only did LBS offer opportunities, from having a classmate taking on her business idea as a class assignment, to making connections with Saatchi & Saatchi’s branding team through an LBS professor, but she found opportunities opened up everywhere when you open yourself up to them and saying yes is a crucial part of this.

“The thing that keeps me going every day is a sense of responsibility to all the trust I’ve gathered, and how it manifests in people’s time, support and love. I take that very seriously.

“As I continue to grow, bit by bit, I’m getting better at saying yes to the people cheering me on.”

Prabha Rathinasabapathy, MBA 2015

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