MAM & MFA: The student experience

by Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager MiM, GMiM and MFA

Want to know what it’s really like to study at London Business School? Our student ambassadors are here to tell you all the insider details. I hosted a webinar with Salma Osman (MAM student ambassador) and John Carroll (MFA student ambassador) and they both sat down to answer a few of my questions related to their learning experience, career support and journey so far.

How would you describe the LBS learning experience?

John explained that it’s a very collaborative way of learning. He spoke about his experience learning with his study group. “We learn our strengths, our weaknesses. There are opportunities to take advantage of people’s strengths, yet still opportunities to build on each other’s weaknesses and that gives you time to learn from people who may be stronger in some aspects than you and they’re always willing to help.”

Salma added that this experience has been very different to her undergraduate experience, as she was able to work on a variety of different projects which included group work, presentations, assignments and business simulations which incorporate real business scenarios. “It’s not just exam based, I was able to work in a different way. In the real world you will be interacting in teams, presentations and simulations and from this you develop essential soft skills that are important for the future.”

Was there any core course, elective or project that you particularly enjoyed?

For John it was the Global Immersion Field Trip, better known as the GIFT, which is a 5 day faculty lead course that allows you to apply the frameworks you learn in the classroom to a real world setting. The content is focused mainly on company visits, guest speakers and faculty lead sessions and workshops. The GIFTS are designed around two themes, social impact and innovation and the second is technological innovation and entrepreneurship. “I am also very excited for a couple of electives that I have, including Global Capital Markets and Currencies which is with one of the most decorate professors at LBS, Hélène Rey, I’m really looking forward to learning from her”.

Can you tell us about the social aspect of being a student?

John believes, “One of the best things about LBS is the social aspect of things and the fact that alumni are allowed and are encouraged to be part of every club”. Salma also added, “The network, the people and the social part of LBS is what makes it such a great experience.” They both explained that through the Treks, Clubs and social events, they had the chance to mingle with MBA, Executive MBA and MiF students who shared a lot of insights and guidance on specific fields and sectors.

How do you think this journey has supported you in kick starting your career?

“Getting to the best places that I can and knowing the right people starts at LBS. The Career Centre has been fantastic in helping guide me on where to apply, the cover letter, interview prep and so much more. It’s not difficult to book an appointment with someone relevant to your field who not only can answer your questions but wants to answer them to the best of their ability to put you in the best position to succeed”.

“You have sector leads who cover a variety of fields and you can plan with them an agenda of how you want to break into that specific field. You also have the career coaches, who guide you and connect you with individuals and alumni who can support you. There are also so many presentations and events that are frequently organised on and off campus… The clubs also organise company presentations and speakers from specific networking events as well as host workshops and run trips and treks.”

To hear about this in more detail you can listen to the full webinar here

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