MAM: The student experience

by Alexandra Salter, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Early Career Programmes

We’re thrilled to have welcomed our first class of the Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM) programme to campus back in August. They’re an impressive cohort, heralding from all over the globe and from a wide variety of backgrounds. They were all drawn to LBS because of their passion for numbers, problem solving, and to learn how to thrive in a digitally focused workplace.

Three of our MAM students have been kind enough to find space in their busy schedules to share what their experience has been like so far, as well as their own motivations for choosing the programme and LBS.

Isabel Moreno MAM“LBS fosters a remarkable learning experience, from the academic rigour of the programme to a hands-on approach through experiential learning. My undergraduate degree was very theoretical, whereas LBS provides a much more practical framework. This is exemplified through not only having professors that have worked in the private sector, but also through LondonLAB and the Global Immersion Field Trips, which are key ways to apply what I’m learning in the classroom to real-life business situations.”

Isabel Moreno, MAM2020, American

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Prasannajeet Mane MAM“There’s a huge amount of diversity amongst my cohort. Each one of us has lived a unique, exciting and extraordinary life before LBS, so when interacting with each other the merging of different perspectives facilitates the development of new ideas and creates solutions with the potential to positively impact our organisations and careers. It’s really amazing to see how these diverse views come together to form game-changing strategies that will go on to change the way business impacts the world.”

Prasannajeet Mane, MAM2020, Indian

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Mohannad Shaheen“London is a city of immense opportunity. There’s always something going on and it’s been easy to find different groups of people who share my interests. Whether you want to find a group of people who play a certain sport or a group of people who want to do practical applications of machine learning, you’ll meet them. There’s always competitions, hackathons and events going on such as pitches and start-up meetups. There’s so much that makes London one of the world’s greatest cities, and it’s a shame if you come here for a year or two and don’t make the most of it.”

Mohannad Shaheen, MAM2020, Jordanian

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