Mastering the LBS Executive MBA Interview: Your Guide to Success

By Kristine Karpovica (Recruitment and Admissions Manager, EMBA-London)

Planning to pursue the LBS Executive MBA is a significant decision and commitment. While the application process for this highly selective graduate business education program is rigorous, it certainly has the potential to provide meaningful returns, both financially and personally. Therefore, preparation is vital. Between submitting your application and getting that wanted ‘Admitted’ status, there are a few steps, and one of them is the interview stage. Thus, if you have been invited for an interview – congratulations, you are one step closer to your goal!

One of the benefits of getting to the interview stage is an opportunity to engage with one of the alums, who usually conducts an interview. This is so you get the best experience and find answers to your questions from someone who has been down that route before. Alternatively, you may be interviewed by a Recruitment and Admissions Team member, who will also be happy to clarify any doubts you may have. The 60-minute interview aims to gauge your motivations for joining the school and the programme, potential contribution after graduation, learn more about your personality and how you would fit with the global community. 

No matter how senior your position may be or how many interviews you have had or held yourself in the past, feeling anxious before it is human nature. Here are some tips to help you prepare, feel more confident and allow your admissions conversation to stand out. 

Preparation is key. You would usually be provided with at least a week’s notice. Whether conducted online or face-to-face, expect a similar format to a job interview. Remember that 50% of success is good preparation, so allocate sufficient time.

Interview format. The first part of the interview is usually about your career and academic history, as well as your motivations and knowledge about LBS and the programme.

For the second interview part, be prepared to answer some competency-based questions around your interpersonal skill and management skills. Ensure that you highlight your soft and hard skills whenever possible. 

Considering you are applying to one of the most prestigious business schools, you will learn from the brightest, just as your peers will do from you. Therefore, feel free to link any other personal and professional accomplishments, including extracurricular activities, volunteer work and hobbies, if they enhance your application and your well-rounded personality. 

End of interview questions. While asking questions at the end of the interview is optional, it is your chance to double or even triple-ask everything you want to know further about the process, programme, or school to ensure this particular course fits your needs and career aspirations.

Appearance. Since most interviews are conducted online and your full attire may not be visible, it is still important to dress professionally for the interview. Remember, you only have one chance to represent your best self, and appropriate attire will help you feel more organized and prepared. Of course, remember posture and good eye contact. In addition, ensure you have no background noise.

Technical set-up. Check your gadgets, Wi-Fi connection, and the joining link in advance. The last thing you want to stress about is the technical glitches.  

Finally, relax and enjoy the process. It is important to remain comfortable whilst formal. Smile and be yourself.

Good luck!

For more information regarding the Executive MBA application process, click here.

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