Meet Charlotte Soverall, MFA2021


Charlotte Soverall, MFA2021

“Your time at LBS will fly by and so, I advise that you engage as much as possible and make the most of your experience. Get in involved in the LBS community-the more you put in, the more you will get out.”

Education: Bachelor, University of Cape Town, South Africa; graduated in 2019
Topic studied: Finance and Accounting
Interested in: Consulting

Why LBS? What was the leading factor about the School or programme that made up your mind to come here?

The three main attributes I looked for in a business school were: the rating of the school, the career services offered and the community. LBS had had all of these attributes, but it was the community that really differentiated LBS from other business schools. It is a truly international community that is routed in collaboration.

What advice do you have for current prospective students?

Your time at LBS will fly by and so, I advise that you engage as much as possible and make the most of your experience. Join clubs, go to events, stay after lectures and go for coffee or lunch with you classmates. Get in involved in the LBS community-the more you put in, the more you will get out.

You’ve joined a diverse class of peers, what is the unique offering you bring to the table?

I grew up in an expat family and in international communities and as such can share my unique global perspective as a ‘third culture kid’. Furthermore, I spent most of my life in South Africa. In our 2021 MFA graduating class, approximately 1% come from Africa. Africa has the largest concentration of youth in the world, is the only region that is still experiencing a rapidly growing youth population and will represent ¼ of the world’s population by 2050– this data simply cannot be ignored. Whilst the rest of the world faces an ageing population, Africa’s youthful population presents incredible opportunities for new markets, innovation and economic growth. As Africa’s presence and influence grows; so too, does the need for professionals to understand the African context. Having grown up in South Africa and as a University of Cape Town graduate, the highest-ranked African university, I can share my insight into the complex dynamics of Southern Africa. Lastly, I am passionate female empowerment, especially regarding inclusivity in the corporate world. Less than 30% of the MFA 2021 cohort are women and as a strong believer in ‘lift as you climb’, I offer my support and encouragement of women and female representation at LBS and the corporate world.

What is one thing you’ve learned about LBS that has surprised you?

The power of the LBS community. This has been illustrated to me in two ways. Firstly, the fact that you are welcomed into the LBS community before your programme even starts. Everybody has been so welcoming and friendly, and through events held by LBS during the summer I was able to meet new people, find flatmates and get excited about joining LBS. Secondly, the approachability of the LBS alumni network. During this busy recruitment period, we were encouraged to reach out to alumni for advice or to ask question about their experiences in an industry/company. I was surprise by the responsiveness of the alumni, everybody I reached out to responded immediately and made time out of their busy schedules to have meeting. These meetings have been an incredible resource. They are informal and honest; a place where I could gain a unique insight into the nature and culture of respective industries/companies.

Fun fact about you that didn’t get included in your application?

I love cooking! In June 2019, I attended a short course at Le Corden Bleu in Paris specialising in French food. I currently part of the Foodie Club at LBS and enjoying connecting with fellow food enthusiasts.

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