The MFA class: What do our students have in common?

by Lisa Mortini, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Early Career Programmes

Motivations for choosing London Business School to study the Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) of course vary depending on each individual’s personal preferences, career ambitions and backgrounds. We do however see some recurrent trends in our MFA classes when it comes to their motivations and their academic backgrounds.

Students looking for a stimulating Masters degree feel right at home at LBS. Being taught by top-thinkers in a fully post-graduate environment, MFA students have the opportunity to debate new ideas and see their own views expanded on a daily basis. Our global outlook and incredibly diverse student body offers students a unique experience, right in the heart of vibrant London. Finally, the School’s exceptional connections with top financial institutions and the dedication of our Career Centre specialists ensured that 96% of MFA 2017 students accepted an offer within three months of graduation.

Motivations to apply to the MFA are as numerous as the candidates we meet, however we do find a few common themes seem to drive many of our potential applicants:

  • A desire to dive deeper into the study of Finance through the core curriculum and build pockets of expertise by choosing specific electives.
  • The opportunity to focus their Finance-related career goals and maximise their career prospects through the LBS Career Centre and our incredible network, in London and around the world.
  • The chance to develop the practical skills and professional maturity needed for future roles.
  • They’re ready to challenge themselves in an intense environment alongside talented peers from across the globe.

Though MFA candidates come in all shapes and sizes in terms of their cultural backgrounds and experiences, they do share a few academic traits:

  • They excelled in undergraduate degrees with a strong numerical component, studying subjects like Finance, Accounting, Management, Maths, Sciences, Engineering, etc.
  • They hold strong GRE or GMAT scores with a minimum GMAT of 650. The MFA 2018 class average is at 708!
  • Several, though not all, have some form of finance-related qualification such as the CFA level I or an accounting certification.
  • Many have used financial tools such as Bloomberg, and some have some programming language skills in Python, MATLAB or SQL. Most know their way around an Excel spreadsheet.
  • MFA candidates are often very active in extracurricular activities on their campus, such as engagement in Finance student clubs or participation in competitions. In addition to their academics, most candidates will hold internships in the financial sector.

To learn more about the MFA programme, check out the full programme brochure.

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