MFA: Reflecting on my first term

By Jules Noel, MFA2021

Reflecting on my first term at LBS, I must say that it was quite busy and exceeded the expectations I had!

It all started during the summer with the pre-programme courses to hit the ground running in September and the summer-series from the Career Centre. The summer series are intended to explore the different career paths available and discover which one would be a good fit for each of us. These sessions also walk the students through the recruitment processes, the intricacies of each industry, and the next steps to take. It was extremely useful to have such a condensed and accessible outlook of all the opportunities and how to seize them!

Once arriving at the school, I was mainly taking time for three different areas: my “career”, the classes, and my social life.

Right from the beginning, it’s time to prepare for recruitment in certain fields and send applications in the first few weeks. Regarding this, I could not be happier about the support received by LBS. The Career Centre is doing an outstanding job to prepare you for any goal you have post-LBS. My two cents on the application process: start early, take advantage of the resources given, they are gold, and reach out to your new network to help you in finding the right path for you!

Next, the classes are of course also kicking off and there is a clear need to directly put the effort in, especially with the group assignments. One of my favourite things about the classes at LBS is the group assignments: they are challenging, interesting, and working with super motivated and bright people is simply great for learning and making friends. The teaching style is also effective; I like how everything is about the application of knowledge in a real-life situation.

Lastly, social life, I started my master’s during the COVID-19 crisis but still managed to get a social life. I joined the rugby, finance, PE, and sailing club arriving at LBS. I still got to participate in rugby tournaments against other English teams and enjoy it to its fullest whilst it was possible. Shout-out to the social reps on this point. They organised coffee chats, restaurants meetings, and dinners, when it was permitted, for anyone wanting to meet more students from other programmes. I also try to take part in other projects such as the Movember campaign – LBS raised a record £19,000 towards men’s health issues during November. It’s amazing to have ambitious people putting their skills and knowledge into such a mission.

If I want anyone reading this to remember something, it would be that the most exceptional feature of LBS is its outstanding community. I never met more interesting, supportive, and fun people. The community is extremely cohesive and working together towards each student’s goal.

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