MiM & GMiM: The student experience

by Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager MiM, GMiM and MFA

Last week I hosted a MiM and GMiM Student Experience webinar which featured four Early Careers student ambassadors representing the two programmes. They all answered a series of questions related to their choice of programme, how the Career Centre has supported them with their careers, their highlights and their involvement in the clubs and LBS community.

You can red about their profiles below:

What made you decide on your specific programmes and why at LBS?

George – “I wanted to branch out and learn different subjects and the MiM catered to that as I was able to learn so many different disciplines from finance to economics to accounting and Business Analytics which was a wealth of different subjects which I was curious about. Secondly, I was very interested in going into consulting as a career… I believed the MiM would increase my chances of getting into the industry and it absolutely has done that.”

Laura – “LBS was a perfect fit for me because I loved the London location and I was able tailor the programme to my needs. I was interested in analytics but still wanted a programme with a general management background and through the core courses and the electives I was able to have the perfect balance… The network is a huge part of the experience and at LBS there is an incredibly international group of people that you will meet. It blew me away.”

Alison – “I wanted to learn more about business and I felt 1 year was not enough for me. I also don’t have many internships so I valued the opportunity to gain an internship during the summer in between. My family business is currently in China and I aim to expand the business in the future. I have previously studied in Asia and done an exchange in the US and wanted to broaden my exposure and London was a great opportunity to do that.”

Anna – “I wanted to bridge the gap in my knowledge given that I come from a Biology degree. LBS is a top business school. It equips you with all the tools you need to succeed.”

How would you describe the LBS experience?

George – “…Everyone comes from different disciplines, different nationalities, speaks different languages and it makes for such a rich classroom environment where everyone brings different ideas to the table. People are very supportive of each other as a community feel, which is a very inspirational environment to be in. It differs from my undergraduate experience by how practical the courses are. You always have different projects to work on in your study groups, active engagement and conversations in class.”

Alison –“I think the best part is the support that the faculty and the programme office gives you while you’re on this journey. You receive a lot of feedback on your work and this has helped me a lot in my learning and personal development.”

How were you able to manage studying and being proactive in your job search?

George – “Before you start on campus you receive materials on how to produce your CV, how to work on your cover letter and how to explore you as a person and what you’re looking for in a career… On campus there are a large range of workshops, which are helpful to scope out your career plan and figure out your timeline of when you should be doing things throughout the year. You benefit from the access to book one-on-one career coaching. You can practice interviews with your career coach and discuss how to prepare for recruitment tests. You also have access to book peer leader meetings which are one-on-ones with MBA students who have done internships in the sectors you are interested in, to get their prospective to master the interview process and what it’s like to work in those firms.”

Anna – “The Career Centre also provides an LBS case book specifically for consulting. You have access to cases with their solutions, a break down with their explanations and exhibits which you can use to role play with other students in a consulting interview scenario. The consulting club itself provides opportunities to have case interviews with MBA students who are from a consulting background. This is a great way to prepare you.”

To hear the full webinar including what the ambassadors had to say about their club involvements, their highlights and much more, you can listen to the webinar here.

Are you interested in the MiM or GMiM programme? Submit your CV for an informal review with our Recruitment team or email us at mim@london.edu. Alternatively, speak to our ambassadors, they’re here to give you an insight into life at LBS.

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