November Recruitment Events

November Events Calendar

Webinar: The MiF student experience Online 01/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi 06/11/2018
Sloan Dinner London 06/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Dubai Dubai 07/11/2018
NYU Global Virtual Career Fair Online 07/11/2018
Webinar: How to Finance your EMBA programme Online 08/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Hong Kong Hong Kong 12/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Los Angeles Los Angeles 12/11/2018
Coffee Chats in San Francisco San Francisco 13/11/2018
Reception in Hong Kong Hong Kong 13/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Manchester Manchester 13/11/2018
Information Session in San Francisco San Francisco 14/11/2018
Postgraduate Study Fair 2018 at University of Manchester Manchester 14/11/2018
Webinar: The MBA Student Experience Online 14/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Singapore Singapore 14/11/2018
Networking Reception in Toronto Toronto 15/11/2018
Webinar: The Early Career Student Experience Online 15/11/2018
Networking Reception in Singapore Singapore 15/11/2018
Coffee Chats in Toronto Toronto 16/11/2018
Women in Business Brunch in Toronto Toronto 17/11/2018
Coffee Chats at McGill University Montreal 19/11/2018
Webinar: The Sloan student experience Online 21/11/2018
Coffee Chats at Lancaster University Lancaster 22/11/2018
Gender Equity and the Value of an MBA for Women Paris 27/11/2018
STEM Women Community Event London 28/11/2018
Coffee Chats at University of Warwick Warwick 28/11/2018


You can view all events on campus here.

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