Our Early Career Students, the Next Generation!

by Alex Mesterton-Gibbons, Recruitment Manager, Early Careers

When our Early Career students began their London Business School journey at the start of September, they joined a globally diverse population full of wide-ranging expertise and knowledge. We are very excited to welcome them to the LBS family and watch them become the next generation of business innovators! We recently published the 2018 graduating class directories for the Early Career programmes, and I am delighted to share some of the highlights below.

We have 49 nationalities represented within the 248 Global/Masters in Management (MiM) students with a 46% female ratio; and a 29% female ratio among the 35 nationalities represented within the 84 Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) students.  We are happy to see these numbers rise each year as we work to insure LBS maintains a diverse community of individuals who can learn from each other. I would also like to highlight that most of our current class has prior global experience, are very well-travelled and speak up to four languages, each.

Since the MiM and MFA are pre-experience programmes, our students enter the course with up to one year of post-graduate corporate experience or two years of non-traditional business experience. This year we have seen a range of experience from investment banking, consulting, engineering and marketing to private equity, start-ups and family business. We appreciate well-rounded students and know their different skillsets will benefit the class as a whole. Although experience is not a requirement for admission, it marks a sense of initiative on the student’s part in carrying forward their career goals, as this class clearly exemplifies.

Our students are not only gifted in their studies, they also have some amazing hobbies and interests! We have several sports enthusiasts and musicians among our classes, as well as artists, writers and part-time DJs. We recognise that adding variety in our student’s backgrounds can only enhance their ideas and contributions to the programme.

We are very proud and excited to have these students make up the 2018 graduating classes (2019 GMiM class) and we look forward to seeing where their careers take them. To find out more and read each student’s individual profile, you can download the entire class directories off our website.

As applications for 2019 are now open, please contact our recruitment team to have your CV reviewed if you feel you would make a great addition to the Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management or Masters in Financial Analysis programmes.











Alex Mesterton-Gibbons – Recruitment Manager, Early Careers team: earlycareers@london.edu


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