The new podcast series for the EMBA London programme

The Executive MBA London programme has launched a brand-new podcast called – ‘The Executive MBA: One step Closer’ – which gathers some great insightful episodes focused on different topics related the Executive MBA London programme. Whether you are interested in finding out more about how to submit a successful application, what types of profiles you can find in the cohort or what the dynamics of the LBS community are, this podcast is the right choice for you! Our mastermind behind this project – the Executive MBA London Admissions Manager Satouka Basso – hosted 5 episodes already along with some of the key LBS stakeholders, which have been uploaded on the SoundCloud platform here.

A short breakdown of our series up to this point:

Top tips on submitting your application
Learn the DO’s and Don’ts on how to put together a strong Executive MBA application from our very own Admissions Team – Zenab Matloob, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager and Elena Aldea, former Recruitment and Admissions Administrator.

EMBA History and class profiles
Discover the beginnings of Executive MBA and how the class have evolved throughout the years to what it is today. Listen as Brett Hunter, Recruitment and Admissions Director, breaks down the class profile as well as elaborating on the wide and diverse class profiles.

The faculty and classroom experience
Are you curious about the esteem faculty at London business School, what the format of the Executive MBA programme is or what the classroom experience is like? To better understand these, we invited Fiona Lennoxsmith, Director of the EMBA programmes to expand on these areas and give you a taste of what being an Executive MBA student is like at London business school.

The Community of LBS
One of our points of pride here at London Business School is the community. Hear more about the elements that make London Business School a vibrant, engaging and inclusive community from our subject matter experts – Rachel McConnell, Senior Manager of Business Systems and Analytics for Recruitment & Admissions; Mhorag Doig, Executive Career Lead for Alumni in the Career Centre, and James Boudreau, current MBA2021 student and President of the Student Association.

Scholarships and other funding options
Explore the Executive MBA scholarships, the ethos behind them and what you need to do to apply. Lydia Wakefield, our Associate Director of External Partnerships and Scholarships, provides essential key points on our scholarships as well as other funding options available and some advice on how to prepare financially for the programme.

Help us spread the word! If you have an interested topic you wish to be discussed, feel free to get in touch with us.

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