Using the Winter Break wisely

by Paige Morgan, Recruitment Manager, MFA, MiM and Global MiM

If you are lucky enough to have an upcoming winter break, although it is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, there are also a few things that you can do with your London Business School application to give yourself a head start.

No matter which deadline you are applying to, we would always suggest starting your application now; giving you the opportunity to fill in the various sections when you have some spare time – you may choose to fill in your personal details one evening and move onto the work experience section the next evening. This then means that when it comes to submitting your application you will have already completed a large proportion of the application and will not have to rush in order to complete the application prior to the deadline.

As soon as you open up the application, the essay questions will be available to you to answer and will remain available on the application until you submit. Again, the winter break is a great chance to note down some potential ideas for your essay questions, possibly drafting an answer; allowing you more time to edit, rather than simply writing the answer to submit straight away.

The GMAT/GRE exam is a requirement for all candidates to have completed prior to submitting their application. The GMAT/GRE exam are standardised tests and takes on average a couple of months to thoroughly complete the preparation. We accept either the GMAT or GRE exam and have no preference towards either. Although, please be advised that if you have no preference of which exam to sit, some employers post graduation will ask for a GMAT score; therefore if you have already sat the exam, this will save you time in your postgraduate employment search. If you haven’t already begun preparing for the GMAT, we would suggest that the winter break is a really good time to start looking into the exam, and possibly booking in a date that you would like to sit the exam. This will then act as a motivational tool to begin revision!

Get thinking about who it is that you would like to choose for your referees; we ask for one academic and one professional reference. If for any reason you are unable to acquire one of each, two from the same background can be accepted, although you may be asked the reasoning behind this.

The next deadline is 10th January 2019, with the China deadline on 24th January 2019. If you are a Chinese national, and will be located in the region at the time of interview, you are encouraged to apply within the China deadlines as if you are selected for interview, this may be with a member of the admissions team rather than an Alumni. As a Chinese national, you are also able to apply within any of the other deadlines if you feel 24th January 2019 will not give you sufficient time to prepare your application.

Most of all, we hope you have a pleasant winter break and please do contact us in the upcoming months with any questions you may have regarding your profile/the application process.


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