Welcoming the new MiF Class to Campus

by Chrispa Palaiologou, Recruitment Manager, MiF & MBA

After a year of travelling the world and meeting prospective students, reviewing applications and conducting interviews, we have finally welcomed the new Masters in Finance class on campus.

This amazing class of 125 Full-time students and 64 Part-time started their LBS journey this past August. Overall we have approximately 300 MiF students across our School Community counting our latest intakes, our Part-time students that started in August 2016 and some Full-time students that have chosen the optional 4th Term.

In a glance our full-time class has an average of 5 years’ of work experience, an average age of 29 years with a very diverse profile of 93% international students with 36 nationalities represented in the programme. On the other hand we have our part-time class that has a more senior taste, with an average of 8 years’ of work experience and still a very international body of 87% international students.

All our students have been chosen very carefully to create a diversified class of finance experienced professionals from all around the globe, bringing in the classroom their experiences contributing a lot on the overall experience. All the students have thorough training in finance and financial management, and rich backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience to the programme.

The students kicked off the programme with the orientation week, which is a full-time intensive week for both formats where students get the opportunity to meet and network with the whole programme during which they completed the Personal Assessment core course, data analytics and accounting pre-courses. After the orientation week the students start their journey on their chosen formats.

The Masters in Finance programme is highly collaborative and this first week was the time for students to meet their study groups. A study group usually consists of five to seven individuals from different countries and sectors. Throughout the programme they will surely share knowledge and experiences.

Orientation Week was a great opportunity to get to know my classmates. It can be challenging to figure out how you’re going to work effectively in a study group where everyone is of a different nationality, has different expectations of the course, and works in diverse areas of finance. The activities during Orientation Week and the Away Day were really fun and informative. They helped to gel my study group together, so that we are now making the most of our first year on the MiF.” Marine Richard, MiFPT2019

MiF students are passionate individuals that want to make an impact in the world of global finance. You can get a taste of our amazing students’ profiles through our MiFFT and MiFPT class directories.











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