Why electives are so important?

The LBS electives provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance networking, connect with high-quality and diverse profiles and backgrounds, and explore and deepen the students’ interests across a wide range of formats and industries. With both London and Dubai as main hubs, the courses are tailored to provide a unique and customised experience.

Eran Eytan Alvarez (SLN2023) shares his enriching experience of choosing electives in the second half of his study-year, highlighting the benefits of connecting with other like-minded students across the LBS master portfolio as well as exceptional faculty members.

1. Could you please tell us a little bit about your background and what were your motivations before you started the programme?

      Before joining the Sloan programme, my career was deeply rooted in creating social impact through strategic roles in the government, private and public sectors. My journey began on the global stage as a youth Olympic coach, where I honed my ability to lead teams and navigate complex situations. This experience laid the groundwork for my subsequent roles, where I worked closely with two presidents of states and served as the chief of staff at the ministry of Culture and Sport fostering significant collaborations across various sectors.

      My motivation for pursuing Sloan was driven by a desire to amplify this impact on a global scale, leveraging my experience in social impact, sports, entertainment, and education to bridge my expertise with advanced leadership and strategic insights from internationally, renowned faculty. This programme represented an opportunity to not only broaden my professional horizons but also to enrich my capacity for meaningful, transformative contributions in my field.

      2. Could you please describe what an elective is and when do you start taking those within Sloan?

      The Sloan programme’s elective courses were a gateway for me to tailor my academic journey, aligning with my personal and professional aspirations. Delving into these courses in the latter half of the programme allowed me to explore areas like strategy and entrepreneurship, which were crucial for my growth. The diverse range of topics, from organisational behaviour to marketing, provided a rich canvas to paint my educational experience, enabling me to learn alongside peers from various backgrounds, enriching our collective journey. It was one of those places where you can explore and learn about your dream topics. 

      3. There are around 80+ electives to choose from that take place in different formats (block week, mid-week, end-week). How was the selection process and how many electives could you choose?

      Navigating the elective selection process was akin to strategising for a high-stakes project. My approach was methodical, delving into each course’s outline and faculty expertise to ensure alignment with my professional objectives. This careful consideration wasn’t merely about enrolling in preferred courses; it was an engaging journey to tailor an educational path that resonated with my ambitions and life as a returning student. The dynamic process, featuring bidding rounds and the option to adjust selections, mirrored the complexities of business decision-making, adding an element of excitement and strategy. I chose eight electives, a mix that harmonised intensive learning periods with more prolonged engagements, reflecting the London Business School’s dedication to providing a flexible and personalised academic experience. This thoughtful curation of my curriculum not only enhanced my skillset but also enriched my journey, making it a truly unique and fulfilling chapter in my professional development.

      4. As a Sloan student, you have the chance to choose electives in London and Dubai. Have you taken any in Dubai? If not, has anyone in your class taken one?

      For my elective choices, I embraced the opportunity to expand my learning beyond the London campus, opting to take one of my electives in Dubai. This decision was driven by a desire to immerse myself in a different cultural and business environment, enriching my global perspective. The course I selected in Dubai, renowned for its practical approach to negotiation and bargaining, offered an unparalleled chance to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. This experience not only diversified my academic journey but also provided valuable insights into international business practices, further enhancing my adaptability and understanding of global markets. Engaging with a diverse cohort in Dubai, I gained new perspectives and strategies, adding a unique dimension to my experience and contributing significantly to my professional growth.

      5.There is a mix of students in the class, from Leadership students (EMBA & Sloan) up to MBA/ MIF/ GMs. Who was part of your elective cohort?

      In my elective cohort, the diversity was striking, with each group bringing something unique to the table. The MBA students were particularly clever and brilliant, their problem-solving skills sharp and informed by a keen understanding of business theory and practice. The fresh energy and innovative perspectives of the MIF students added a unique dynamism to our discussions, challenging us to think differently and embrace new ideas.

      The EMBA participants, with their seasoned insights drawn from extensive professional experience, were invaluable to our cohort. They brought a depth of real-world knowledge and a practical approach to applying theoretical concepts, enriching our learning experience. This blend of fresh perspectives and seasoned wisdom created a dynamic and stimulating environment, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and contributing significantly to my personal and professional growth.

      6. Was there any course/ faculty that exceeded your expectations?

      The Negotiating and Bargaining elective, under Professor Niro Sivanathan’s guidance, was one of the highlights of my Sloan experience. It wasn’t just a course; it was a transformative journey that honed my negotiation skills through practical engagement. I joined 74 great minds in real-time simulations and case studies, collectively sharpening our negotiation abilities.

      Other electives like Brand Management, Managing Sports and Entertainment and employee engagement, also stood out, offering not just academic insights but real-world applications that resonated with my professional background.

      7. What advice would you have for the upcoming Sloan candidates?

      To those embarking onto the Sloan journey, my advice is to approach it with strategy and intention. Consider the professors, course structure, feedback, and workload to ensure a balanced and enriching experience. Balance your workload, diversify your selections, and don’t shy away from exploring new territories. Sloan is more than a curriculum; it’s a platform for growth, offering a myriad of paths to those ready to navigate its richness.  

      For more information regarding the electives on the Sloan programme, click here.

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