An introduction to the Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness course

By Madhuraj Mishra, EMBA London 2021

I was born and raised in India. I completed my education while living in my own Village until I finished secondary education at the age of 16. During that time there was no electricity in my village, and I used to study using an oil-Lamp. This tough environment taught me many lessons in my childhood which I have explored later in my life and more specifically at LBS.

Examples of these are:  

  • Resilience
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
  • Aim high and follow your passion
  • Dedication in life, developing alternate strategies
  • Nature and its adverse effects (floods, extreme winters, extreme summers) and surviving without electricity

Later, I qualified for the national level engineering admission test and completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering from India, and started working in the IT Industry. I now have 14 years of work experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. I have lived in India, Mexico, USA, Spain, and the U.K. In Jan 2020, I joined London Business School, at the London campus to understand Business from a different perspective.

Why did you choose LBS?

Excellence, diversity, networking, and global experience.

Why the EMBA London programme specifically?

I’m an experienced professional and have an enriched experience in Finance and Information Technology. My aim was to explore experiences from other industries. In addition to this, on the EMBA London programme the average experience is 7 to 18 years, where we have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others.

Why did you choose the introducing Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness elective? Was it to enhance your career or to try something different?

I am working in mid-level management in my present role, I can observe and experience many challenges in governance which have inspired me to explore more in governance. I was excited to network with senior executives and learn from great speakers. Since this is a subject where guest speakers are renowned and are seasoned professionals, this was an additional inspiration for me to join this elective. In addition to this, Professor Randall Peterson and Vyla Rollins, Executive Director, London Business School Leadership Institute, are both very experienced, and they are on the Alumni and Students’ excellent Professors list. Considering all these factors, it made sense for me to join this elective and yes, this helped me enhance my career in Audit and Risk Management.

How did you find working with people from different programmes and generations?

It was an experience of a lifetime to be able to learn from others. I was involved in an activity where all students from the class had to share feedback about me anonymously. This feedback helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses through other people’s eyes.

Were there any benefits to the cross-generational collaboration that this elective prioritised?

Yes. From CEOs to non-executives and from interns to experienced professionals, this elective focuses on how things can go wrong in the boardroom and how to handle it. This elective teaches us about dysfunctional behaviour of management, which can occur anytime and at any stage of life.

How has your LBS experience contributed to your career path?

Post the EMBA programme, I’m transforming my career in management and cross-functional teams. Before the EMBA programme, I was focused on engineering jobs only. I now understand the industry and its challenges better, such as ESG, diversity, inclusion, financial risks and governance risks. My experience at LBS has not only helped me with my career path but also in my personal life. I’m more connected to family, friends, and society now. I enjoy getting involved with charities and lending my time to good causes.

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