An Overview of My Consulting Recruiting Journey and How My Programme Experience Supported Me in the Process

By Selin Spencer Ciloglu, MiM2024

As I prepare to join Kearney’s London office in September 2024, I reflect on the journey that brought me here and the pivotal role the Masters in Management programme played in my journey to success. A consulting career in London following my Masters degree was without a doubt my sole target. Yet, the path was anything but straightforward. My journey was structured around three pillars: self-preparation, preparation with peers (casing), and excelling in interviews.

The Beginning: Self-Preparation

My journey kicked off with a drive to start early. During an LBS event, the Admits Congratulations Day on campus in April, I met with fellow ambitious peers which led to the formation of valuable connections. Alongside my self-preparation, I got the chance to case in June and July with another incoming LBS student. During my initial mock case interviews, I noticed that I lacked some further skills.

Acknowledging this in August, I sought advice from LBS MBA students, who recommended several self-preparation websites. This phase was crucial; it reinforced the foundation upon which I built my casing skills. I noticed that self-preparation is very crucial because lacking fundamental knowledge and not having your own pace before you start casing with peers can hinder the acceleration of your preparation. On an important note, the consulting preparation document by the LBS Career Centre was my go-to handbook during this process.

The Power of Collaboration: Casing with Peers

Casing with peers and engaging with MBA students at LBS underscored the programme’s unique advantage. LBS fosters an environment where students can sign up for casing sessions with MBAs, many of whom are ex-consultants themselves. This experience was irreplaceable, offering first-hand insights and feedback from those who had been through similar paths. Alongside casing with MBAs, my own Graduate Masters peers were very supportive, and we all collaborated throughout this recruitment process.

Leveraging Institutional Support: The Consulting Club

The Consulting Club at LBS was another cornerstone of my journey. The club organizes numerous information sessions, inviting alumni who have successfully broken into the consulting sector. These sessions, coupled with workshops focusing on interview preparation— covering both case studies and personal fit aspects—were very valuable in my development.

The Final Step: Excelling the Interviews

The interview process has 3 pillars: competency tests, case interviews and personal fit interviews. Competency tests were the first hurdle, assessing analytical and problem-solving skills. Diligent daily practice, informed by resources recommended by the LBS Career Centre was key to building the analytical acumen required. The heart of the recruitment process was casing. These case interviews tested not just my ability to apply business frameworks but also to think creatively and communicate complex ideas effectively. Collaborative preparation sessions, particularly with peers and MBA students, were essential due to the transparent feedback I received which helped me enhance my casing skills. Casing with peers not only sharpened my analytical skills but also taught me the importance of clarity and conciseness in communication. Lastly, personal fit interviews were an opportunity to demonstrate my alignment with the firm’s culture and values. Many people underestimate the importance of personal fit interviews, but they require almost as much preparation as case interviews. Preparing for these interviews involved deep research into each firm and practicing how to articulate my experiences and motivations genuinely. Feedback from mentors proved crucial, helping me refine my narrative and present a coherent, authentic self.

Reflections on the Recruitment Process

The recruitment journey is undeniably demanding, requiring sacrifices and detailed preparation. However, it’s also profoundly rewarding. My early start, the strategic use of resources at LBS, and the collective wisdom of peers, alumni and the career centre were critical to my success. The consulting club and the mentorship from MBA students highlighted the program’s commitment to creating a web of valuable and insightful networks. These opportunities not only prepared me for the challenges of consulting interviews but also enriched my understanding of the industry.

Concluding Thoughts: The Path to Achievability

My journey to a consulting career, supported by the structured environment of LBS, underlines a critical lesson: with determination, the right preparation, and leveraging available resources, achieving one’s career goals is not just possible but probable. The journey to securing a coveted position in consulting, or any field is challenging. Yet, the experiences and lessons learned along the way are invaluable. For those embarking on this path: Make sure to embrace the challenges, seek support from your community, and utilize the resources at your disposal. Set clear targets, start early, and never underestimate the power of preparation and community.

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