Welcome to our EMBA Global class of May 2024!

London Business School along with our partners from Columbia Business School are extremely delighted to announce the onboarding of our newest EMBA Global class of May 2024! The programme is taught over 20-months across both London and New York. Participants earn two MBA Degrees, making it an unparalleled educational opportunity.

Our impressive 45 students kicked off their first week of Orientation in London last week, followed by the second Orientation in June in New York’s campus. Even if for some this was the first opportunity to meet all the staff members and fellow colleagues face-to-face, the room did vibrate with joy, positive energy and excitement of starting a new chapter in their lives and building long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

We are very pleased with the cohort and it is worth sharing a breakdown of the class profile below.

If our mission in the past was to ensure equal gender parity across the programme, this year we managed to exceed our targets, and when I say that, I refer to a massive boost in the percentage of women from 27% to 53%. This milestone emphasises the increasing confidence of women in leadership pursuing executive degree education opportunities and willingness to advance their careers.

In addition, there has been a demonstrated increase in seniority among our students, rising from an average of 12 years to 14 years of professional experience. This ascent in seniority is making our learning environment and collective expertise even more enriching.

The cohort is made up of 20 nationalities from 33 different cities across the globe, with representation from each continent.

In terms of the spread of industries, finance is still the dominant (27%); however, there are a wide range of non-traditional sectors, from healthcare, agriculture, construction up to manufacturing, tourism, oil/gas and many more.

Our participants bring valuable experience in their function as General Managers, Consultants, Investment Bankers or Managers.

We also have strong academics within this current class: 2 students hold a PhD, while 5 students are professional Chartered Accountants. Moreover, for 15 of the students the EMBA Global programme is the second postgraduate degree they pursue.

For more information regarding our EMBA-Global programme, click here.

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