Applying to our Early Career programmes: All you need to know

by Paige Morgan, Recruitment Coordinator, Early Careers

When beginning your application journey it may be quite daunting in terms of where to start. But remember: you have support and regular points of contact throughout the admissions process.

Before even beginning to fill in your application form, you are able to submit your CV for an informal review with a member of the Recruitment team. Here we will review your CV and let you know whether you would be eligible for the programme or possibly suggest another programme that your profile may be more suited to. This is a really good chance to understand whether you would be suited to a programme before spending valuable time on starting your application. The Recruitment team member who comes back to you regarding your eligibility will be your main point of contact throughout the process until you click submit on your application. You will be able to ask us any question – big or small; regarding the application process, your GMAT scores or nitty gritty questions regarding the application form.

Once you have submitted your application, this will then be in the hands of the admissions team. As the admissions process has now rolled over into a stages, if you submit your application in between deadlines your application will not be reviewed until after the deadline has passed. From the deadline date, you can expect to hear within around 4 weeks as to whether you have been progressed through to the interview stage. If you are based in London, it is likely that your interview will take place with a member of the Admissions team on campus, whereas all other candidates will have an interview with an alumni close to where you are based. It is then anticipated that you can expect to receive the final decision within another 4 weeks of your interview; therefore the whole process should take around 8 weeks.

Along the way the Recruitment team are here to help you, you can arrange to meet us when we are travelling around the world through a variety of fairs, coffee chats and information sessions. We are here to help you submit the strongest application possible so feel free to get in touch with us!


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