GMAT: Practice makes perfect

by Aram Karakashian, Senior Global Recruitment Manager

At LBS, we are committed to ensuring our students are motivated, better prepared and of an incredibly high standard.

A high GMAT score is an entry requirement for a number of our programmes, which you can opt to take prior to selecting your school or programme or as part of the application process.

If you haven’t yet taken your GMAT, then we’d like to offer you some help with your preparation.

Let’s start with a couple of sample questions so you can get a feel of what to expect. ‘Show Answer’ will show you the best way to work out the answer.

At a restaurant, you must choose an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. If there are 2 possible appetizers, 3 possible main courses, and 5 possible desserts, how many different meals could you order?

60   b)30   c) 10   d) 6   e) 3

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Many people believe that gold and platinum are the most valuable commodities. To the entrepreneur, however, gold and platinum are less valuable than opportunities that can enable him to further enrich himself. Therefore, in the world of high finance, information is the most valuable commodity.

The author of the passage above passage makes which of the following assumptions?
a)Gold and platinum are not the most valuable commodities
b)Entrepreneurs are not like most people
c)The value of information is incalculably high
d)Information about business opportunities is accurate and will lead to increased wealth
e) Only entrepreneurs feel that information is the most valuable commodity

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Like anything in life, if you practice enough, you’ll get it right. If you didn’t choose answer (b) and (d) to the questions above, it may well be that you need more practice before sitting your GMAT. Why not test yourself with our GMAT simulator?

Good luck and best wishes!!




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