Customise your EMBA-Global experience

by Matthew Foster, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

One of the greatest strengths of our EMBA-Global programmes is the variety of perspectives provided by the three partner Schools. This strength is most apparent when it comes to customising your global experience.

Whilst the core programme provides the business fundamentals and executive teaching one would expect from a leading post-experience programme, students of both EMBA-Global Americas & Europe and EMBA-Global Asia have access to a large elective portfolio of over 120 different courses* taught on three continents.

These are drawn from the offerings from each School. Regardless of the EMBA-Global programme joined, the campuses of all three world-leading Schools are open.

At London Business School (LBS), the broad range of electives currently include the highly popular ‘Paths to Power’ led by Richard Jolly, Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and ‘Strategic Innovation’ led by Costas Markides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Added value comes from our Dubai campus where students region-specific options such as ‘Wealth Management and Islamic Finance’ are offered.

Meanwhile, at Columbia Business School (CBS) students study alongside the School’s wider executive portfolio, including the highly pertinent ‘High Tech Entrepreneurship’ led by Ran Kivetz, Professor of Marketing. ‘Real Estate Finance’ allows students to draw on the School’s strongly reputed Paul Milstein Centre for Real Estate to give more specialised skills.

Adding Hong Kong University to the mix opens up Asia-specific choices including ‘Multinational Strategy in China’ and ‘Asian Business and Economy’, allowing EMBA-Global Americas and Europe students an insight into this dynamic and growing region whilst giving EMBA-Global Asia students a greater depth of understanding into the area.

But the opportunities to customise this truly global programme extend beyond the classroom.

As with all LBS executive programmes, our EMBA-Global programmes include a Global Business Assignment, taking students to locations around the world to learn about local economies, regional challenges, and see theory in practice.  EMBA-Global students have the option to delve into the LBS portfolio including destinations such as Silicon Valley or Abu Dhabi and Dubai, or take advantage of CBS’s offerings including Tel Aviv, Myanmar, and Munich.

EMBA-Global is not just a name – the opportunities to study, network and learn across the globe are at the very foundations of these programmes and students can customise their executive experience to take them to countries, regions and continents that call to them.

Applications for the May 2018 intake are now open; send us your CV via the links below to discuss your eligibility and visit our website for more information.

EMBA-Global Americas and Europe – submit your CV

EMBA-Global Asia – submit your CV

*Please note specific electives are subject to change as all three Schools continually review their offerings to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date business thinking and retain their relevance.


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