Global MiM: Taking the World by Storm

by Alex Mesterton-Gibbons, Recruitment Manager, Early Careears

The Global Masters in Management programme is an opportunity of a lifetime. Every year our Global MiM students embark on a journey that transforms the way they think, engage and most importantly, how they do business.

Our Global students are a select group of internationally-minded individuals who all share the same desire to gain exposure to Asian culture and further expand their industry networks. Likewise for our Chinese nationals, they desire to expand their horizons and tap into the UK and European markets. They will spend the next two years of their life studying topics they are passionate about and pursuing their dreams, all while developing life-long friendships and perfecting a second language.

By the time our Global MiM students graduate, they will hold a Masters in Management degree from London Business School and an MSc in International Business from Fudan University. Half of the group of forty students have been selected by Fudan (Chinese nationals) and half are chosen by LBS. We seek to find students who will embrace the programme and fully immerse themselves in the culture. Our Global MiM students are resilient, resourceful, curious, and adventurous. They build a strong community amongst themselves in which they support, encourage and learn from each other. The bond that they form is heart-warming, and the memories that they share are irreplaceable. Lively dim sum dinners in Shanghai and pub crawls in London are just some of the fun excursions that our students enjoy while studying.

Before applying, our Global MiM students have researched their career choices and made the realisation that having more global experience on a CV could be a defining factor in an employer’s eyes. With China’s rapidly growing economy, companies are always looking to expand, take on new ventures and increase their global footprints. Asia is the future, and our students have made the commitment to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for this inevitable outcome.

Our students begin their journey in London, where they settle into their core courses. They work with our Career Centre to secure internships for their gap summer and they begin attending their mandarin courses. This will propel students on their way to writing their thesis abstract in Chinese a year later at Fudan. Over the next two years, courses range from finance and marketing, to business law and ethics. Students finish the programme with a well-rounded education and practical experience. More information about the coursework can be located on our website.

Individuals who are also looking at our Masters in Management (MiM) programme and the fourth-term international exchange, may ask, what is the difference?  The answer being, in four months a person can learn a street name, but in a year, a person can learn an entire city. The idea is that to fully engage and contribute to a society, one must speak the language and learn another country’s way of life, mannerisms, and traditions. These are the elements that are responsible for so any successful business relationships and global partnerships. It is one thing to experience, but it is another thing to understand.

We are very proud of our GMiM students and excited to see where their careers will take them. To learn more and apply for the programme please contact the Early Careers recruitment team directly for more information.

Alex Mesterton-Gibbons

Recruitment Manager | Early Career programmes

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