August Recruitment Events

Events Calendar - August

International Events:

04/08/2018 Tokyo MBA Information Session in Tokyo (Student led)
13/08/2018 Washington DC Forté Forum in Washington DC
13/08/2018 Washington DC  Coffee Chats in Washington DC
14/08/2018 Boston Forté Forum in Boston
15/08/2018 Boston Information Session in Boston
15/08/2018 Dubai Faculty Master Class in Dubai with Haydn Pound
15/08/2018 Boston Coffee Chats in Boston
16/08/2018 Toronto Information Session in Toronto
17/08/2018 Toronto Coffee Chats in Toronto
20/08/2018 San Francisco London Business School Reception in San Francisco
20/08/2018 San Francisco Coffee Chats in San Francisco
21/08/2018 San Francisco Forté Forum in San Francisco
22/08/2018 Los Angeles Forté Forum in Los Angeles
23/08/2018 Houston Forté Forum in Houston
24/08/2018 Houston Coffee Chats in Houston
27/08/2018 Chicago Forté Forum in Chicago
27/08/2018 Chicago Coffee Chats in Chicago
28/08/2019 New York Forté Forum in New York
29/08/2018 New York Coffee Chats in New York
29/08/2018 Ho Chi Minh City MBA Tour in Ho Chi Minh City
29/08/2018 Ho Chi Minh City Coffee Chats in Ho Chi Minh City
30/08/2018 Bangkok Information Session in Bangkok
30/08/2018 Toronto Forté Forum in Toronto
31/08/2018 Bangkok Coffee Chats in Bangkok

On Campus Events:

10/08/2018 London Early Career Student Perspective 
21/08/2018 London Early Career Information Session
21/08/2018 London MBA Information Session
21/08/2018 London Masters in Finance Information Session
22/08/2018 London Executive MBA Portfolio Information Session
22/08/2018 London Sloan Information Session


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