Early Careers Admits Welcome: Why You Should Attend

Early Careers Admits welcome

by Nicoleta Chiriac, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Early Careers

The LBS definition of an admit is: ‘a candidate who has been made an offer but is not yet a student’.

If you apply in the early stages, you may be an admit for quite some time before becoming a student. As an admit, you are officially part of our community from the moment you have received your offer and we definitely encourage you to stay connected with the School in various ways up to the point of starting your programme. You can join the class Facebook groups and WeChat as well as follow our Facebook page, join Portal discussion forums, listen to webinars in preparation for the start of the programme or… attend an admits welcome event in London!

Here are four reasons why you should attend an admits welcome event:

    1. Meet your future classmates. The most obvious reason! A day with some of your future classmates will help you get a feel of what your experience at LBS will look like. We’re very proud of the diversity we attract, so do take the time to meet as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to share their stories. This is also a great day for you to realise others have similar concerns to you (accommodation, career search, assessment, time management, etc.). You might even get lucky and find a potential future flatmate!
    2. Meet alumni and current students. Alumni are always happy to come back to campus and talk to future students about their LBS experience, as they know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. You can ask them questions during our alumni panels or take the time to meet them during our networking breaks. Student Ambassadors will also be around to welcome you on campus.
    3. Get a taste of the classroom experience. Admits welcome events usually include a lecture from one of our world-class faculty members. Classes at LBS are very interactive so be prepared to voice your opinion as well as participate in group work.
    4. Talk to us. The Admissions Team as well as the Programme Office Team and the Career Centre will be present to tell you more about how they can support you as a student. Take this opportunity to learn more about what to expect from your time at LBS.

We understand not all admits are able to fly to London for an event so we try as much as possible to organise informal dinners in various places in the world to meet with our future students. Do make sure to update your preferred email address as the admissions team will be contacting you with information on any upcoming events.

On 23rd June, we had the opportunity to welcome admits of the MFA, MiM and Global MiM Classes of 2019! We are enjoying a very hot summer in London this year (they don’t come along often) and a picnic on the front lawn of LBS was a perfect way to end to the day.

MiM 2019 student Emily says:

“The June Admits Event was an informative and dynamic day, cementing my feelings of excitement and community ahead of term. It was fantastic to hear more about the MiM programme from the Admissions Team, as well as to experience first-hand the interactivity and academic rigour of a faculty lecture. I was impressed by the diversity and openness of everyone I encountered. The day culminated in a sunny picnic on the lawn: the perfect encapsulation of the friendliness and bustling dynamism which defined the event and which I am sure will define the year to come.”

Look at those happy faces…

Early Careers Admits picnic

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