Blue and White, Red and Bold, Win MBAT and Get the Gold!

And that’s precisely what we did. We turned our homemade encouragement slogan into a reality – LBS took the MBAT trophy home after almost a decade!

The MBA Tournament (MBAT), often called the MBA Olympics, represents the pinnacle of international sports competitions for leading business schools across Europe. Over three days, the event features a blend of sporting competitions, networking opportunities, and amazing socials at the HEC Paris campus.

As someone who had watched MBAT videos before joining LBS, I was incredibly excited to finally experience it firsthand! I eagerly participated in trivia, the dance competition, and the fashion show. I even helped choreograph the fashion show, a completely new experience. I had never walked the ramp or choreographed a walk before – talk about the MBA pushing you out of your comfort zone!

The Dream Team Assembles

The journey to this momentous victory began months in advance, with each sport and event selecting its leaders and devising strategies to secure gold. Our aspirations were encapsulated in a simple yet powerful mantra: One LBS. This was more than just a slogan – a call to action. Team captains for each of the 45 sports held tryouts, managed rosters, sourced sponsors, and the LBS MBAT team even designed custom t-shirts. LBS was prepared – with our coordinated One LBS t-shirts, our mascot (the Sussex campus), cheer slogans, and, most importantly, over 250 LBS students ready to give their all! It was a true testament to the unity and pride of the LBS community.

Day One: Let the Games Begin

The first day of the MBAT was a spectacle akin to the opening scenes of a blockbuster movie. Over 1,500 students had gathered, making it one of the largest MBAT events. The atmosphere was charged with energy, and LBS was ready. Many of our teams emerged victorious, securing their spots in the following rounds, further fueling our anticipation. Ed Vickers-Willis set the tone for LBS’s success by ensuring our first gold medal in cross-training. The cheer squad, a vital part of LBS’s triumph, was ever-present, their chants of “L-B-S, L-B-S!” reverberating across the fields and courts.

The evening was capped off with a spectacular dance competition. Our dance team, of which I was a part, dazzled the crowd with a mix of Salsa and hip-hop, earning LBS a bronze medal! After the dance competition, the night continued with a vibrant party where all the athletes mingled, setting fire to the dance floor and celebrated a successful first day.

Day 2: Making Waves (Literally) and Beyond

Day 2 was an eventful one, with several teams bagging gold. The LBS swimming team dominated the pools, winning 12 out of 15 gold medals! The atmosphere was electric as LBS continued to rack up golds across various sports, from men’s and women’s touch rugby to the team Spartan race and many more. The women’s football team clinched gold, led by Sydney Crombie and Sara Larrain, beating IE 1-0 in the final. The team put their heart into the competition, with Mary Serafin, Abby Becker, Julia Massaro, Niyati MacLeod, Maida Lira, and Bruna Mattos as star performers.

In the evening was the fashion show competition and the Battle of the Bands competitions, and the LBS cheer squad, an essential part of LBS’s success, was again ever-present, with “L-B-S!” echoing across the auditorium. I could barely see any faces while I walked into the lights, but I could hear my LBS mates shouting and cheering loudly for me. Like the previous dance competition, we were the first team to take the stage, and we started the evening with a bang. The rest of the night was spent on the silent disco floor, where not-so-silent sing-alongs and impressive dance moves kept the energy high and the fun unstoppable!

Day Three: The Grand Finale

As the third day dawned, the tension was palpable. Every point was crucial, and maintaining our lead was our top priority. The final events were intense, with each team giving their all. And LBS did not disappoint. We bagged gold in various sports, from cricket and tennis to rowing and badminton.

The climax came with the tug-of-war battles. Picture this: teams of eight knee-deep in mud, with massive crowds on either side. The tension was palpable, and the cheers were deafening. LBS pulled together (literally) and emerged victorious, sealing our overall win!

In the evening, we had the MBAT Gala, where participants from all schools came dressed in their best black-tie outfits. The award ceremony took place, and I still remember the moments leading up to the announcement of the MBAT winner. LBS was next to the stage, ready with our school flag, hoping to hear our name. The moments that followed are a blur. The host announced LBS as the new champions, and some of us rushed onto the stage while others began jumping and dancing with exhilaration. It was a scene straight out of a movie: students dancing, cheering, and hugging, with the coveted trophy (and MBAT-lead Zhen) held high in the air! The celebrations were legendary and continued until the end of the night.

Beyond the Medals

But the victory was about more than just the medals; it was about the community and pride fostered within LBS. On a personal note, I cherished every moment of the MBAT experience, from giving my all in my dance performance to cheering at the top of my lungs for my LBS mates.

The MBA Programme Director, Helen Foley, summed it up perfectly: After a few years out of the running, we are so thrilled to have had London Business School victory at MBAT this year! The level of enthusiasm and dedication by our world-class, student-led MBAT team has been exemplary, showcasing the very best of LBS. We know our students are always committed to being rigorous and inspirational in everything they do – and it’s even more wonderful to share this on the global stage at MBAT!

As the dust settles and the trophy takes its rightful place in LBS’s hall of fame, there’s a renewed sense of purpose. Next year, we hope to return stronger and better – after all, LBS needs to defend its crown!

Picture credits: Sean Yoong

By Snehal, MBA2025

MBA Tournament Final Scores

  1. London Business School – 882
  2. HEC Paris – 674
  3. Oxford SaÏd – 578
  4. IE Business School – 488
  5. Cambridge Judge Business School – 466
  6. ESADE – 394
  7. IMD – 362
  8. INSEAD – 194
  9. Rotterdam Business School – 170
  10. Manchester Business School – 158

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