Creating our EMBA-Global class

by Linden Selby, Senior Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

What do Admissions do before the next cycle starts? Well, it is tempting to say that we just put our feet up – though all three EMBA-Global partner schools are working with other programmes and are always busy! We’re part of welcoming the new class in and a big part of this is orientation. This year’s was terrific, with the class finishing up the day with a boat party going up the Thames, the perfect way to spend a sunny evening.

And now the class is launched and in full-swing, here are some highs and lows that went into creating our EMBA-Global classes…

Lows: Latecomers Lose Out

It is genuinely upsetting when we see great people leaving their application until it is too late. I’d encourage you to start your application and conversations with your employer as soon as you can. Even with a green light from your organisation, there are still a lot of things to tie up, and you don’t want to leave it until the last minute to find out, guess what – your boss is travelling, your HR lead is on vacation and the Head of Department is out on a 3 day Strategy workshop. So give yourself time to organise and don’t forget to get your family and friends on side – everyone needs a champion!

Highs: Hearing about your success!
It’s exciting to hear from candidates already leveraging their EMBA-Global place as a springboard to develop their careers. Great examples this cycle have been: a candidate who negotiated another report to support her workload, another used the business case to frame a successful discussion about future prospects in the organisation, and another has already framed a project proposal to make use of the two schools’ resources to examine and make recommendations for a knotty strategic decision.

News Updates for EMBA-Global

We’ve had some exciting happenings in the world of the EMBA-Global, do check out:

  • Poets and Quants review of the best EMBAs- you’ll see our own Kiran Ganesh there!
  • Alumnus, Oleg Dmitriev, named Entrepreneur and Inventor of the year
  • As well as seeing alumnus, Peter Berweger, appointed CEO for Agbitech

Finance, enterprise and global company – EMBA-Globals are succeeding on all fronts.

The applications are open for EMBA-Global, and the first deadline is September 18. All you need for a great application is on the website, with a business case to help you with those company discussions. We are all ready to support your research – just contact the EMBA-Global school nearest to you.

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