Driving Impact at LBS and Beyond

Are you dreaming about initiating change at LBS? Look no further!

One key thing that stands out about London Business School is the wealth of opportunities and open doors. Let’s dive into some very tangible options to create change on campus as a student.

Option 1: Take on an impactful role at a club.

There are plenty of impact-oriented clubs on campus, such as the Social Impact Club (SIC), the First-Generation, Low, or Intermediate Income Club (FLII), and the Impact Consulting Club. By applying for an Executive Committee (ExCo) role, you will naturally become part of various projects that aim to support students. For example, as part of the SIC ExCo, my team and I support students in implementing social and environmental impact into their careers by inviting various companies or speakers on campus.

Option 2: Join impactful initiatives on campus.

Besides the clubs, there are various other opportunities available to support social and environmental impact. Great examples include the Student Philanthropy Council, Project Arusha, the consulting projects of the Impact Consulting Club, and the Wheeler Institute. For example, as Chair of the Student Philanthropy Council, I support the advancement team with the £200M Forever Forward campaign to guarantee future scholarships and research. These scholarships have the power to change lives and enable our LBS community to become even more diverse.

Option 3: Create your own initiatives.

New ideas and initiatives are highly appreciated around campus. While it may be easier to implement these as part of a club or initiative, your LBS peers and team will help you foster new projects as well. This is not about the size of your project but about proactiveness. For example, I’ve been mentoring African startups for over a year now as part of the Westerwelle Foundation. As this is a great opportunity for LBS peers to expand their impact, we connected the foundation with both the Laidlaw and the LBS community, thanks to the great support of Monet from the Recruitment and Admissions External Partnerships team. The impact can come in all shapes and forms.

How to Get Started

In light of a tense schedule and vivid student life, it can be difficult not to feel overwhelmed by your initial vision. Therefore, taking small steps is a great way to remain consistent – planting one seed at a time is more sustainable.

  • Form a Strategy and Synergies. What are areas where you wish to see change, no matter how small? Meet with peers, club members, or the LBS team to understand the status quo, and the current boundaries to generate an actionable plan.

  • Stay Proactive to Take Further Small Steps. Revisit your plan when engaged in various activities. Is there an event upcoming that suits your initiative? Did you spread the word (e.g. on LinkedIn)? If your initial plan does not work, what alternative step could you take?

  • Be Kind to Yourself About Your Progress. At times, you may run into boundaries or time limits you did not anticipate. You may be trying to make a difference in an area where large, systemic inequality is present. Long-lasting change would be desirable but will be difficult to create. Therefore, it can be helpful to remember that trying is already progress in itself, as you’re still addressing an issue and thereby making it part of the conversation, despite no tangible results.

And finally…

Best of luck with your impact initiative! Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn about your impact ideas and anything I may support you with initiating your impact at LBS. Equally, if you’re a female founder looking to drive impact professionally, I’m happy to support your efforts on a pro-bono basis. Students like you make all the difference for our community!

Written By Carmen Schliesser, MiM 2024

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